Clear-Coat Aurora iPhone Protective Skin Elevates Swagger Instantly


Some say I have a condition called shiny ball syndrome. This is a common disorder that has spread rampant within the gadget loving community. A couple months ago I was at CTIA tradeshow in Las Vegas when a glimmer caught the corner of my eye. I hadn’t seen anything that whole show that was remotely amusing till I saw this.

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R&D Update: Updated Bike Mount Kit Goes Into Tooling



boombotix optimizes bike mount for next level of design evolution

This week we started tooling of the new bike handlebar mount. This new design incorporates stronger materials and a much more secure mounting system. We are anticipating our production tool to make our first T1 prototype by July with an anticipated launch in September at Interbike. Pre-order this new Boombot bike speaker mount design and you can be selected to be one of the first 300 riders to receive the product.

The new bar mount is compatible with all Boombotix portable speakers including Boombot REX, Boombot1 and Boombot2. This new unit is capable of withstanding conditions for both on and off road use. All units include a No Matter What Warranty.