Red Bull Kluge – Complex machine powered by world renowned action sport athletes

Amazing video of world-class athletes combining physical skills with physics

Got six minutes to spare? Good — you’re going to love this.

The following video, entitled “Red Bull Kluge” is perhaps one of the most captivating commercials ever created. Basically, it’s an action sport-athlete powered Rube Goldberg machine.

Red Bull Kluge skateboarder

Red Bull Kluge biker

Red Bull Kluge action sports

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill athletes we’re talking about going through this real-life mousetrap — these are global names. Lolo Jones, Ryan Scheckler, and more.

The whole thing was created by Adam Sadowsky of Syyn labs. The final numbers: 100 workers were used to build the course, which took 17 days and approximately 25 tons of material. There’s something going on at every level, whether it’s weights falling, bowling balls rolling, chainsaws hacking, or athletes stunting, like on of our awesomely loud portable speakers, the video’s entertaining from start to end.