Audio Eye Candy: Classic guitar amps turned into at-home speakers

HiFi speaker made to celebrate company’s 50th anniversary

Marshall limited edition speaker

To celebrate five decades of kicking ass and taking names, guitar amp manufacturer Marshall has released a limited line of new “Hanwell” HiFi speakers.

Special edition Marshall speaker

The company is known around the globe for its classic amplifiers, but this nifty looking home entertainment speaker is strictly for pumping out audio files, not guitars or musical instruments.

Marshall speaker plays audio files

The amp / speaker features classic analog dials and switches with made-for-distance woofers and hi-fi tweeters inside a wooden housing. Oh, and it’s all packed in some of the sexiest wrapped black vinyl this side of the Vegas strip.

Control panel for Marshal special edition speaker

Also included with each loudspeaker is a line-in port to allow owners to use plug-and-play devices like a microphone or tablet as well as a numbered anniversary edition commemorative badge.

Interested in getting one? Well, know that Hanwell plans on producing just 10,000 of these units, so expect them to be priced accordingly (translation: you might have to sell a body part or two on the black market).

In the meantime, perhaps we could point you over to a more affordable portable speaker instead.

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