What to bring to Coachella


The time has come! In less than a week, Coachella Weekend 1 will be charging full force, with a lineup chalked full of artists such as Avicii, Afrojack, Datsik, Calvin Harris and more! Chance has it, you are fully prepared for the music- you’ve made your Spotify playlists and all that, but are you prepared to survive in the desert for three days?

Didn’t think so.

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Portland, Oregon native Justin Bleich, aka Theme Night, is a DJ/producer starting to gain major momentum in the evergreen state. A synthesizer and computer enthusiast, his northwestern roots are evident in his rock and roll live performances and affinity for big room players like Afrojack. Over the past few years, he has been cooking up some some crazy sounds all his own. Now finally satisfied, he’s ready to make his big push into the world of EDM. Keep up with him on www.twohypefeet.com, and keep your eyes and ears open cause this kid is on the rise.

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October Hotcakes!

deadmau5 animal rights

The Giants are in the playoffs, the snow is beginning to fall in the mountains (Mammoth), and a whole new season of awesome is amongst us. Your friends at SkullyBoom feel that you should accompany these excellent times with excellent music, here are 4 hand selected tracks to get you fist-pumping (or John Wall’ing, if thats you thing).

The goods:

Deadmau5+ Wolfgang Gartner- Animal Rights (Highly recommended √++)

Diplo+ Don Diablo- Make You Pop (Seen in the new Blackberry commercial)

One More Day ft. Mike Lord- Boemklatsch (√++)

Take Over Control (Adam F Remix)- Afrojack

Enjoy friends!