Crazy looking taxi picks up city sounds, turns them into music for passengers

Awesome concept from sound artist Yuri Suzuki

Make the city sound better taxi

To promote the release of their new headphones, the Capital (good sound, could’ve done a better job on the design) company AIAIAI recruited sound artist Yuri Suzuki for a two-day campaign last week called “Make the City Sound Better.” Basically, the way it worked is Suzuki hooked up London taxis with a bunch of microphones to record the surrounding noise as the car made its way up and down the city streets.

A one-of-a-kind software program inside the vehicle then converted the noise into music in real-time, and played it over 67 speakers built into the car. If the music’s too loud, passengers can also tune-in to the song through headphones.

London Sound Taxi

What’s cool about this whole thing is that each trip in the taxi creates an entirely different music / sound experience. All of the different frequencies that are getting translated into melodies vary depending upon the part of the city that the car is in and also things like traffic and street sounds.

There’s a microsite where all of the melodies are being uploaded to SoundCloud.

Video of the Sound Taxi after the jump.

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Packaging Design that makes you CRAVE

Aiaiai headphone package design

Anytime you buy a great product, there are a lot of influences that sway you to make an investment.  At any given time, you have a wide selection of products to choose from, and without having had the experience to try out every single one, you are naturally going to be initially drawn towards superficial elements like product packaging.  Price and specifications are going to be secondary, but the thing that will make a consumer pick a product up off the shelf is going to be the package.  In this article, we are going to focus on the TMA-1 Headphone package by a Denmark based firm called Aiaiai.
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