Alarm clock will electrocute you awake

Shocking gadget makes sure you never oversleep again

Need to get a gift for a person that you pretend to like but secretly want to see suffer just a little bit? Here’s an idea: an alarm clock. Not just any alarm clock though: the singNshock alarm clock.

singNshock alarm clock

Sure, on the outside it might look like a normal clock. Heck, it even functions as a normal alarm clock. But what makes this the perfect gift for the snooze-happy friendemy in your life is that it possesses the ability to deliver an electrical pulse to shock them awake.

Created by 19-year-old automotive design student Sankalp Sinha, the clock’s electricity is transferred via the device’s snooze button, a large aluminum coated button at the top of the clock. Every time the person rolls over to hit the snooze, they’ll receive a few millivolts through their hand.

singNshock alarm clock delivers shock through snooze button

Sinha came up with the idea after using electric shock to jumpstart his brain in the A.M. after waking up late for class a few days in a row. The feature can, of course, be turned off. Also worth noting about the clock: digital touch panel on front controls battery power, speaker volume, brightness, music selection, and time. There’s a MMC slot for a 32GB SD memory to store favorite music, and while the clarity of the sound is nowhere near that which you’ll find in one of our amazingly loud portable speakers, there are speakers built into the back of the device.