How to nose butter on skis

Nose butters are really hot right now thanks to Henrik Harlaut and is ridiculously sick nose butter dub cork 12s.  Just some things you should know before you get silly with this endeavor.

  • Nose butters can be done on most jump features, but we recommend working your way up from knuckles of jumps and eventually onto the jumps themselves.
  • Easier to do on lips that don’t have tons of pop or on knuckles with steep landings
  • Stiffer the ski, the faster you have to go to  really benefit from the flex of the ski

So without further adieu, follow these simple steps and learn to enjoy a trick that can be performed just about anywhere of just about anything.

  1. When you’re going up to the feature, be in your normal scissored and exceptionally fresh thug stance but do keep your knees bent slightly.
  2.  As you approach the lip/knuckle, keep your head focused on the point where you will initiate the butter.
  3. Once you are at the edge of the lip, start turning but keep your head focused on the lip.  This will allow your tails to lift and pivot around while loading up the shovels of your skis.  Your knees should straighten out but don’t POP.  Controlling the timing is everything.
  4. The flex of the skis will launch you airborne.  At that point, your rotation is very naturally set so don’t be afraid to put an extra 180 in there and take it to five.

We hope you found this useful.  If you’re looking for a little mobile sound to keep the stoke factor up, check out our speakers at the Boombotix boutique.  Be sure to stay tuned for the next Good Enough episode with Jason Arens, Noah Curry and the whole crew.

Ski Season is coming back!!

And we are jonesin’ for some pow shots

This morning I found myself lusting for powder when I woke up to the abrasive sound of a street cleaning vehicle going by.  My mind wished that it was a snow cat laying down corduroy on the back of High T.  Alas, it wasn’t.  It is only August.  In any case, if I can’t ski, I might as well sit down on Adobe Premier Pro and edit all of last year’s footage.  Sometimes it is good to just do SOMETHING with it so it doesn’t end up buried in the abyss of your hardrive.

Last season got off to a slow start but one way or another, our team was able to put together some pretty sick shots. No matter how rough the conditions, you really just have to stay mobile and jump on the opportunities you get to ride powder. One of the things we love about Boombot speakers is that even if the conditions are sub-par, at least you have a dance party on your pocket and you can jam out in every lift line and long cold chairlift ride life throws your way.

Shot on location: Alpine Meadows, Heavenly, Squaw Valley

Track: Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remix)


Get Ready to Ski/Ride on the 4th of July

Folks, this year it snowed a TON. So much, that Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are re opening for the 4th of July. So dust off your skis/boards and get your summer fixin’ over the 4th. There has even been some rumors of a park setup…

Just take a look at how much snow they have as of Friday June 17th…

Its ON!

BBTX will see you up there.

Come shred Alpine with us at WWSRA


We have a serious dilemma.  WWSRA (Western Winter Sports Representatives Association) is hosting a demo day at Alpine.  There will be free beer compliments of Full Sail, unlimited amounts of deep powder, and all the equipment you ever wanted to try out.  What are we going to do?

Well, perhaps the best thing to do is act like a little kid in a candy store and suck it up.  If you work for a shop, then you can find out more on registration details for a discounted lift ticket HERE.

Feb 8-9, Monday & Tuesday, 9:00AM-4:30PM daily

Alpine Meadows, CA

Lift Tickets

Show Hours:
9:00 am–4:30 pm daily.  See “Schedule of Events” below.

Passport Security System
You will be issued a “passport” badge, which allows the reps to track their equipment.
Click here to read more about our Passport Identification System