How 10 Dogs Beat the Dog Days of Summer

Pictures of man’s best friend finding every possible way to stay cool in heat

Dog taking shower

In case you didn’t know, we here at Boombotix, the loudest portable speaker in the mother f’ing galaxy, are big fans of animals. Cats, K-9’s, critters — we love ‘em all.

In fact, I would venture to guess that we love animals here ALMOST as much as we love dope-ass beats.

True Story meme

That’s why we’re sharing with you this awesome collection put together of dogs figuring out how to beat the heat in the long, hot days of summer, summer, summertime. These pictures are not only jaw-drop awww-worthy, they’re also proof that some animals are actually smarter than their two-legged human-friends when it comes to figuring out ways to stay cool in the summer.

Funny picture of guy beating heat

Check the collection out after the jump!

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