Apple supposedly working on self-adjusting, noise-cancelling ear buds

Technology would be a little more discrete than some of the other noise-cancelling headphones on the market nowadays

As much as we love the fact that our ultraportable speakers can be taken anywhere, there are some instances where you can’t fill a room with your favorite song. The library for instance. On a plane also. These places unfortunately require the use of headphones.


One of the industry standards is Apple’s earbud set. Small, clean, and simple, they don’t cost much nor do they require any sort of maintenance. Their only downfall, when compared to other popular sets like, say, Beats by Dre, is the fact that because they’re so tiny, they do allow some side noise in.


Apple is aware of this product’s shortcoming and is apparently getting ready to do something about it, having recently filed a patent application for a pair of headphones that adjust their output based on how they fit in a person’s ears.

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Apple gearing up to release iRadio – direct competitor of Pandora

Company in final negotiations with record companies

In what is perhaps the worst kept secret in the music industry, tech giant Apple is getting ready to launch a new music streaming service called “iRadio” this summer, which will directly compete with the likes of Pandora, Spotify, and more.

Music streaming services

At the moment, Apple is in talks with Universal Music Group and Warner Music, including per-stream channels that would cost users half as much as Pandora’s. Apparently the labels weren’t too keen on this particular detail, but Apple was able to help them get past it by offering other revenue options that include a share in radio ads.

It sounds great, but users who stream their music to our Bluetooth portable speaker via their Android operating system might not be too happy to know that iRadio will be available through iTunes on iOS devices.

Frustrating, yes, but the point in doing this is to see give users the opportunity to seamlessly purchase a song via the iTunes store after hearing it on the radio. Whether or not they do, remains to seen. After all, one need not look any further than Spotify’s failure at getting users to purchase songs when they can just hear it for free.

While there’s no official launch date, iRadio IS coming and rumor has it that it’ll be formally announced at the Worldwide Development Conference in June. And when it does get launched, the service will be available in a dozen countries outside the U.S., including the U.K., France, and Japan.