Boombotix App Passes $10k Mark on Kickstarter

It’s been just one week into our campaign and we are stoked to see that we’re more than two thirds into our goal. We got picked up by TechCrunch and MacRumors, which certainly helped get some early momentum. Thanks to Wade Roush at XConomy for working with me on doing an interview.  We’re also really stoked to see our loyal fans taking care of the Holiday shopping with the Boombots through the campaign.

better app demo

Some people were a little bit confused by Chris and I getting our groove on from the mountain in our previous app demo so we put together this piece that more clearly demonstrates using this app with two devices and Bluetooth speakers.

the battle ahead

On the app development, Chinmay is working on making the whole Soundcloud library browsable within the app. Right now you can link your Soundcloud account and pull off your own playlists, but we’d like to allow users to search the full Soundcloud ecosystem within the app. This would wrap up our Soundcloud integration and we can then move to Spotify.  We’ve had tons of inquiries on our Android development, but we really just want to make sure we can nail the iOS version of SYNC first.

There is still a pretty long grind to get this project past the funding milestone, but we’re confident we can make it happen. We added a pretty cool backer rewards including prototypes of the new lunchbox sized Thumper Mini PA. We’re hoping we can pick up a couple more press wins to drive some more traffic to the campaign. Nick is working on a short format trailer style piece to get out to some of the press that was interested. Gaining the attention of the press has always been vital to the success of these crowdfunding campaigns. Word of advice would be to really make sure you have phenomenal content to send your press outlets. You only get one shot.

Mini PA system

Boombotix SYNC iOS App Launches on Kickstarter

Boombotix SYNC is Group Play for iOSWhen I started Boombotix in 2009, it wasn’t long before we carved out this vision to bring a bunch of friends together to have our own little flash mob. We were surprised to see that there wasn’t really any technology that allowed us to sync on mobile networks. I spent the next several years in search of a team that could tackle the project with me. Five years ago, this technological feat was not even possible. Over the past several months, I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel on this project. We’ve managed to prototype this app and get it close to a certified MVP (minimum viable product).

As we get more users onto the app, we will have to cover the additional costs on the server load. We also want to make sure we can get our team to polish up some features to bring this product to a launch-ready state. Were adding a jog dial to allow listeners to fine tune their stream to sync with the DJ and improving the stability.

The radio industry has changed a lot in the last decade. Boombotix SYNC is a technology that has the potential to enable anyone to broadcast over mobile networks. This could change the way we listen to music. I’d like to ask that you check out our Kickstarter project and see if this is something you and your friends can enjoy. We’re asking for as little as $5 to support the development and launch of Boombotix SYNC on iOS. With enough support, we have also opened up a stretch goal to develop the app for Android users as well.

Boombotix Team on Kickstarter


Boombot REX Now Available on


how a couple dudes in a garage got into apple retail

When I first came up with the concept of the Boombot portable speaker in 2009, I never envisioned it being something that would fit in the pristine world of Apple retail. It was an edgy, underground, character based urban design. Apple has always been about minimal design. My investors always wanted to me to make a push at Apple retail. Understandably, an ungodly amount of cash circulates through each Apple store every day. I told them we weren’t ready for it and that we didn’t have the product. Over the next couple years, we pivoted our company and made it into Apple and this is how.

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iPad Mini Installed in Dashboard

Yes, there is already an iPad Mini installed in a car dashboard

Someone had to do it.  The iPad Mini had to be installed onto a dashboard so that you could use the god awful Maps app on there when you’re hopelessly lost.  Tampa, Florida’s Soundwaves jumped on this Toyota project and made it happen faster than Jenna Jamison removes her panties.

Gaming that requires the gyroscope could be a little tricky.  It’d be rather fun trying to play Angry Birds by tossing your car around in the parking lot.  Either way, there are probably some pretty cool apps out there to get car vitals.  Maybe Cobb should come out with an iPad based fuel mapping app?

Image credit: Soundwaves

Source: Engadget

Apple expected to announce new headphones

To tie in with another big announcement having to do with a new iPhone or something

Apple press conference

Let me just say – our balls are JUICED when it comes to Apple’s press conference this week.

If you missed the announcement about the announcement, it’s this Wednesday, and Apple is expected to formally detail the next reincarnation of the iPhone: the “iPhone 18” or the “New-New iPhone” . . . something along those lines.

iPhone 5

And while many in tech land are super stoked about what the new iPhone is going to offer this time around, the makers of the best portable speaker on the market are actually more excited about something else that the company might be announcing that day: new earbuds.

New earbuds from Apple

I know, I know – it’s all audio-porn here, but news of this is pretty exciting. These earbuds are probably the second most durable form of audio entertainment on the market, behind a pretty kickass group of wireless speakers I’ve heard of, but they’ve been stuck with the same look and design for-EVER. So, I mean, it’s about damn time they got around to re-doing these things.

News of this possible pending announcement first came from Vietnamese site, and was disclosed on Apple hard-on forum “Mac Rumors”. Full details after the jump.

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