Squashing the Bugs Out of SYNC


This past week we have been busy stomping out a number of bugs within the Boombotix SYNC app. With the project now at 80% funding, we’re all feeling pretty good about the progress. Several backers have been asking about limited edition Boombots as backer rewards. I wanted to just clarify that as a backer, you can pick from any style within a specific model you’d like (ex. You backed for $100 Boombot REX, you can order a Woodgrain edition Boombot).

I wanted to share our workflow with you all so that those of you interested in developing apps could use similar tools to ensure that you can build the best app possible. If you are not a developer, then this is likely the side of the project that is going to be most important to managing your product. Using a project management web app will be your best methodology for communicating with your development team.

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Making your gift stand out

 for those that think gifting is boring

Gift Bomb

You know that boring moment where your family sits around the tree opening presents one-by-one?  Well we’ve devised a way to make the gift exchange procedure a little more interesting.  Follow these simple instructions to plant chaos and suspense on your gift giving endeavor.

  1. Download a good sound board app with the desired effect.  We’d recommend using live animal sounds.  Use whatever provides you the best shit-eating grin.  Some recommended ones are cat sounds, fart noises, and guns.  If you just want to get some hood commentary, check out Bed Intruder with Antoine Dodson.
  2. Pair with your BOOMBOT wireless speaker
  3. Place the speaker inside your gift box.  You may want to gift the BOOMBOT itself, or you may want to combo it up with something else…. like good-smelling soap, a candle, or chocolate.  It really doesn’t matter.
  4. Wrap your gift up.  You’re going to have to do this right before you give it since you can’t be paired with your speaker all night.
  5. Plant the gift strategically under the tree or gift collection area.
  6. Deploy your noise of choice.  BE PATIENT.  If you go for too much, it doesn’t quite build up.  Allow yourself some time between soundbombs.  Be discreet when you use your phone.  Stick to noises that are realistic.
If all fails, there’s always the good ol’ Dick in a Box trick.

Apple and OS X — Mountain Lion, and The Uncertain Future

Apple has been changing a lot lately. And I’m not sure if it’s for better or for worse.

I’m not talking about Jobs’ passing, nor the wild success of the iOS platform, or Apple’s quantum expansion of the tablet and smartphone markets. I’m talking about the roots that allowed all of these new innovations to occur in the first place…Mac OS X (or as Apple has recently “re-dubbed” it, OS X).

Growing up using and repairing Apple hardware, I saw every small change made to their hardware and software line. They introduced new hardware lines, such as the G3/G4/G5 Towers, MacBooks, iPod and even the long-forgotten Apple Printers and Speakers. They also created so many innovative pieces of software it boggles the mind.

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