Awesome stop-action music video – “Her Morning Elegance”

Artist goes low-cost and creative rather than big budget and overdone

Why go big budget when you can go cheap and creative? At least, that was the thinking for music artist Oren Lavie, who opted to go stop motion over elaborate sets and overdone costume designs for his new song “Her Morning Elegance” off the album The Opposite Side of the Sea.

Her Morning Elegance Stop Motion Video

The result? A viral video (over 25m views) and a much, much bigger fanbase.

Video after the jump!

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Jeff Koons – Expert Sculptor – Master at Life



Jeff Koons is officially my favorite sculptor in the world.  Before, it used to be Murakami, but when I saw Jeff Koons giant balloon animals, I shifted.  I was flying from Hawaii reading Time magazine and I saw Jeff Koons feature interview in there.  Everywhere I see this guy, he just seems to be having the time of his life.  Every photo he smiles ear to ear.  Why shouldn’t he be stoked?  He makes gigantic balloon animals, sells tulips for $33 million, and he paints up BMW race cars.  What is not to like?  In readin his interview, he truly came off as someone that had incredible vision and deep core values that have taken him through enormous success.  I love your work Jeff Koons and I hope you design a Boombot for us one day!  You are winning at life.

Below are some of my favorite Jeff Koons pieces:

jeff-koons-beyeler jeff-koons jeff-koons-yacht bmw-m3-gt2-art-car-jeff-koons-2011-09

Skate Moss Decks

Kate Upton

Do you like skateboards and gorgeous girls?  Well you’re in luck because Jason Yim, Edsel Dilag and Chris Vilchez have established the aptly-titled Skate Upton.  This piece was inspired by Jeff Gaudinet’s Skate Moss project.   This time, Jason, Edsel and Chris are featuring the beautiful Kate Upton. Updated regularly, the current set of completed graphics can be seen here.

Source: Hypebeast

Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Art Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Nevada’s biggest hip hop and art festival takes place next month

Ah Reno, the biggest little city in the world, it’s famous for its casinos, prostitution and now . . . hip hop? That’s right – hip mother f’ing hop. In a town that’s always been a bit more country, hip hop has begun to establish its roots thanks to the ridiculous awesomeness of the Speak Your Mind festival.

Speak Your Mind Festival

Never heard of it? Me either—that is, until Jevelle Wiltz, one of Boombotix’s kick-ass skaters / hip hop music stars, was signed up to star this year.

Jevelle Wiltz

Learn more about Jevelle Wiltz.

Learn more about Speak Your Mind, one of the best FREE underground hip hop festivals this side of the Mississippi, by clicking thru below.

Speak Your Mind

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Nick Giannini – A Uniquely San Francisco Artist

If you’re keeping tabs on Boombotix, then you know we’ve got a Boombotix x Big Umbrella Studio collaboration called CRAYnial coming up on May 11, 2012 in San Francisco.

One of our featured artists for CRAYnial is Nick Giannini, a San Francisco-based creative with a insanely unique style. He prides himself on the fact that much of his artwork doesn’t contain deep hidden meanings or biased views of society. Instead, he wants the viewers to derive their own interpretation, and let it help inspire them in their own creative works.

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