New app will prevent distracted users from getting hit by a car, eaten by a dinosaur, etc.

Safety app will use audio intelligence software to protect users

Look — we want you to enjoy our Bluetooth portable speakers, but we don’t want you to get so distracted by all of their audio awesomeness, or so involved in the music thumping in your headphones, that you wind up getting hurt.


That’s why we’re big proponents of the new app that the folks over at One Llama are working on. It’s called “Audio Aware” and in layman’s terms, the program uses audio intelligence software to listen to the world around its user for specific sounds that they might want to be aware of.

Some examples include screeching tires, car horns, screaming voices, roaring dinosaurs, and so on. When a sound matches, the app lets the user know:

When a sufficient match, such as a car horn, is detected, it will cancel any audio you’re hearing and pipe in an amplified version of the sound it’s picking up, or perhaps a cartoon-like version of that sound that is easier to recognize.

Unfortunately, the app only works with headphones and portable speakers that have One Llama technology baked into it. That being the case, people with poor hearing or hearing loss stand to benefit from downloading it in the immediate future. But the company is actively working with developers to expand the app’s capabilities to better “listen” to the world around us using standard audio equipment, so that we can all continue safely listening to our music on our favorite devices.