18 of the most ridiculously awesome customized speakers

Sound freaks get creative when it comes to projecting their music

It’s Friday – you could use a distraction. So how about a nice long list of awesomely customized speakers done by sound freaks across the interwebz?


Yeah, I thought that’d get your attention.

While we could easily fit our entire collection of Bluetooth speakers on to the list, we thought it’d be a bit more fun to scour the deepest nooks and furthest crannies of the internet to see what other audiophiles are doing with their speakers.

To say the least, we weren’t disappointed. Here’s 17 more, in no particular order, that took our breath away.

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Apple supposedly working on self-adjusting, noise-cancelling ear buds

Technology would be a little more discrete than some of the other noise-cancelling headphones on the market nowadays

As much as we love the fact that our ultraportable speakers can be taken anywhere, there are some instances where you can’t fill a room with your favorite song. The library for instance. On a plane also. These places unfortunately require the use of headphones.


One of the industry standards is Apple’s earbud set. Small, clean, and simple, they don’t cost much nor do they require any sort of maintenance. Their only downfall, when compared to other popular sets like, say, Beats by Dre, is the fact that because they’re so tiny, they do allow some side noise in.


Apple is aware of this product’s shortcoming and is apparently getting ready to do something about it, having recently filed a patent application for a pair of headphones that adjust their output based on how they fit in a person’s ears.

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Tech geek creates wearable sound effects machine

Includes laughter, boos, air horn, and more

While tech geek Kenneth Guglielmino doesn’t necessarily have the support staff nor technical know-how to create top-notch wearable portable speakers like ours, we have to give the guy a tip of the hat for his effort here. He took an Arduino, Adafruit Wave Shield, and a mini speaker, and put the components in a suit jacket to give him a wearable sound effects machines that he can take everywhere.

Sound effects jacket

Sound effects include a laugh track, boos, an air horn, and more. They’re all controlled via a small control panel that allows him to activate sounds and switch between options. Nothing is seen as all components are kept in the jacket’s inner pockets.

Guglielmino suit jacket

Will this make Guglielmino the most popular guy at parties? Highly unlikely, but it’s a cool idea by one of our fellow audiophiles nonetheless. See it in action below:

Turn an old SNES controller into headphones

YouTube user posts video of modifying SNES controller into cool looking headphones

Forget Beats by Dre – here’s a gnarly new set of headphones that’ll definitely get you noticed.

SNES headphones

Constructed by YouTube user lyberty5, these headphones actually come from an old SNES controller. He or she posted a pretty cool video on YouTube of the whole modification—check it out after the jump.

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