New wetsuits make surfers invisible to sharks

Two versions available depending on what you’re doing in water


There are two things we love here — our surfer audience and mother f’ing science. That’s what makes this story so awesome:

A group of ridiculously smart dudes and dudettes, including scientist from the University of Western Australia, researchers at Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, and Ray Smith, the former Quicksilver designer, have created wetsuits that are specifically made to deter shark attacks.


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Opiuo, Eligh feat. DNAEBeats at 1015 Folsom, Friday May 25

If you guys haven’t checked out 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, I highly recommend it. This ballin’ venue hosts some of the coolest shows I’ve been to in the city. It’s a sick two-story venue, and they often have several musicians playing at once.

On Friday, May 25 2012, 1015 Folsom presents RE: CREATION with Opiuo (Live), Eligh (of Living Lengends) feat. DNAEBeats, ONRA (Live MPC set), Knight Riderz, Sun:Monx, and more!

Tickets & More Info Available Here

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1015 Folsom

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