Which Wireless Speaker to Buy- Skrillex Bangarang Showdown


A comparison on the 3 top bluetooth speakers available

Suppose you have $150 and you want to get the best portable speaker possible.  Say you happen to also like the loud pounding of a Skrillex song.  Well fortunately for you, most wireless speakers are well within your budget.  The Jawbone Jambox recently saw a price decrease to $129.99.  It’s one of the top selling portable speakers on the market.  After tax and shipping, you’re gonna eat up all your dough, but you will have a well packaged brick shaped speaker.

Now why don’t we have a look at the Boombotix line.  On one end you can get a Boombot2 for $69.99 and have money in the bank.  You could probably buy yourself a cool hoodie on top and STILL have money left for a burrito.  If you go to the high end, you can look at the Boombot REX.   Feature for feature, the Boombot2 is a lot like the Jawbone Jambox.  The Boombot REX has some additional features with Siri/Voice Control and track controls.

test setup

Top Portable Speakers - Boombot REX v Jambox v Boombot2

We used an iPhone5 paired to all devices.  The decibel meter was two feet away.  All devices were played at maximum volume.  The EQ profile on the device was set to flat.

skrillex bangarang provides the data

While the Jambox sounded ok, it almost seemed to be MISSING the highs on this track.  It could barely scrape to 80dB.  The Boombot2 even killed this guy getting as high as 90dB.  The Boombot REX went off the charts getting as high as 93dB.  I mean seriously, this is getting to the point where our gear is getting straight DANGEROUS.  For real.

  1. Boombot REX / 93dB
  2. Boombot2 / 90dB
  3. Jawbone Jambox / 80dB

Don’t believe it?  Watch the video:

the verdict

Some people asked us how much better our Boombot REX is from the Boombot2.  Of course we always get the question on how our product is different from the Jambox.  Well it is quite simple.  We are way louder and more portable than that thing will ever be.

Which song do you want to hear on the next showdown?  Let us know and we MIGHT just play it.