What Low End Theory San Francisco is and why it rocks so damn hard

Forward-thinking recurring music series gaining popularity in the Bay Area at break-neck pace

Low End Theory music

Being the makers of the best portable speaker in the industry, we get asked a lot of questions about music, and lately we’ve been getting a number about San Francisco’s Low End Theory music series:

What is Low End Theory?

When is Low End Theory?

Where is Low End Theory?

So to appease all you Low End Theory curiosios out there, here’s a quick summary on everything you need to know about it, and why it rocks the nuts off San Francisco.

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DJ Qbert and Supreme Spinnin’ this Wednesday

This Wednesday you can catch us at Metro in Oakland for some hard hitting beats mixed with some dizzy scratchin’ effects brought to you by B33 and DJ Qbert.  You can listen to some of Supreme’s tunes HERE. Check out his Vimeo sample to see what you’re in for:

DJ QBert Performance Promo from iNBiTuiN Music on Vimeo.