Mercedes-Benz designs sleek looking surfboard that can track wipeouts and measure rider performance

Board designed for surfer Garrett McNamara, who the car manufacturer sponsors

Man—it sure must be nice to be surfer Garrett McNamara. Just take a look at the boards his sponsor, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz, just finished building for him (they did get a bit of help from ad agency BBDO Portugal).


The surfboard was custom-built for McNamara, and features a pretty nifty integrated telemetry system that measures the rider’s performance and reports the data back to him once he’s got his feet back on the sand of the beach.


The “Silver Arrow of the Sea”, as it is being referred to, features a special design that matches McNamara’s unique riding style, and provides him with better handling for when he’s on one of his more aggressive runs.


To watch McNamara ride the waves of North Canyon on his new Benz-board, check out the video below.

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