The Proper Way to Lounge Beachside

the best portable speaker for the beach saves the day

Featured Boombot: Purplexed Purple

Featured Boombot: Purplexed Purple in Waikiki

Last December, half of my family and I went on a vacation to Waikiki.  We stayed at the beachside Hilton conveniently located beachside in Waikiki, Hawaii.  We were served with a limitless supply of $14 daiquiris and pina coladas, but something was missing.  There was an annoying sound of pop reggae and it was kind of irritating me.  I was in paradise and I wanted to listen to REAL reggae or deep house.  There were a number of pasty overweight middle-to-late aged hairy guys  too, but I was able to block that out (or at least I tried).  That’s when I busted out my Purplexed Boombot portable speaker and brought things up to  new level.

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