Top Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Showdown


Beats Pill v. Boombotix boombot REX portable speaker review

Today we compared the Beats Pill to our Boombot REX to determine what are some of the Top Bluetooth Wireless Speakers here in 2013.  Below is a chart showing you some the key differences between these two speakers.  Beats has become a household name in the headphone market owning more than 65% market share of premium headphones.  This will be a true test on whether or not they can take the headphone expertise and apply it to a slightly more challenging project in building a great sounding speaker.

Beats Pill x Boombot REX Portable Speaker Review


The Beats Pill retails for $199 although it is currently seeing an Amazon street price at $156.  SOMEHOW, despite this abysmal sound quality, it is maintaining a 4-star rating on there.   The Boombot REX is currently on pre-order at $119.99 with an anticipated launch date poised for June 1st from Boombotix direct and


Despite the millions of dollars of R&D, the Beats Pill has some of the most bizarrely distorted acoustics we’ve seen out of all the portable speakers we’ve tested.  It’s almost as though whoever built it was on a pill of some sort.  The Beats Pill is driven on four small one-inch drivers while the Boombot REX runs off of two 1.5-inch drivers and a passive radiator.  To get an idea of just how bad the Beats Pill sounds, you should probably watch the video.

Design + function

The Beats Pill has a couple of bells and whistles including NFC pairing.  For those of you that use Android, this is pretty useful.  If you’re familiar with the Jawbone Jambox, the Beats Pill is like the round version of the Jambox without nearly the low end frequency performance.  We actually maxed out the Beats Pill to the point where the amp seemed to just quit and make a static humming noise.  We thought that was very interesting.  The Pill is wrapped 360-degrees in a fine speaker mesh.  While it looks good, I worry a little that it will get bumped very easily.  It is small enough to slide in my pocket, but it kind of looks like a banana if you catch my drift.

The Boombot REX is quite a bit lighter and more compact that the Beats Pill.  If you are looking for a more adventurous companion, this could be a better bet.  The integrated clip makes this unit infinitely more versatile and mobile than the design of the Beats Pill.  The Boombot REX also incorporates built-in Siri/Voice-Control allowing for a more seamless handsfree experience.

The Beats is available in a narrow selection of 3-colors (red, white, and black) while the Boombot REX will be launching with 4-colors in the initial run and a full Limited Edition series to be released in July 2013.

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