Peevertising- The most FOUL form of Guerilla Marketing in the snow

I hate to say it and don’t want to mention any names (MB), has put together a guerrilla marketing campaign that is causing a storm in the Boston area.  Peevertising is the new wave that involves pissing designs into snow.  If you are a male that’s ever pissed in snow, you have probably drafted your name in cursive.  This takes guerrilla marketing to new frontiers in an innovative and disgusting way.  To see the full collection of fine brews pissed into the snow, visit Peevertising.Stella Tecate


BMX Contest: Battle of the Bay 2

Bay Area BMX | Battle of the bay 2 poster

August 26, 2012.

Treasure Island.

Pros, amateurs and spectators head to Treasure Island this Sunday to watch local talent kill it on their BMX while checking out awesome shops, eating favorite food trucks and drinking beer and wine.

If you want to participate, it’s $20 for amateurs and $25 for pros. You can win tons of cash and prizes, even your own wireless portable speaker!



Pedalfest in Jack London Square- August 18th

sprint race for a free ultraportable speaker at 4pm

Pedalfest jack London Square

We will be out here tryin’ to function at Pedalfest this weekend in Jack London Square this weekend.  The East Bay bike community is growing strong as they have developed their own full fledged hipster culture.  The lower rent expenses allow them to purchase more PBR than ever.  The climates comparable to San Francisco’s Mission District are bringing out our most attractive tattoo laden riders.  Make your way over to Jack London Square and check out some of Boombotix’s ultraportable speaker line including the Jason Clary pro model.

Beer me a funny video

Duo show us all a better way to enjoy a brewsky

Pass me a beer

It’s summertime, which means BBQs, backyards, and beers.

Funny backyard BBQ

All complemented by the damn near best portable speaker in the world. Naturally.

Great portable speaker

Now, when you’re at a backyard BBQ, there are unspoken rules to abide by:

You’re on your way over, you offer to pick up ice.

You put ketchup on your burger, you offer the condiment to the person next in line.

And when you get up for a beer, you ask everyone else at the table if you can get them anything.

Pass me a beer

That’s probably the last time she ever asks.

Next time you’re at a BBQ and it’s your turn to refill the table with some brews, you might want to pick up one of the moves from Nick Packard and Tim Higgins from their YouTube hit “Hey, Pass Me a Beer!”

Hey, pass me a beer

Check out the clip after the click-thru.

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