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Fatherly Advice

Take a walk down memory lane.  You could catalogue all of the times your dad gave you advice.  You could also catalogue all of the times he gave you advice and you didn’t listen.  For me the latter was the most prominent, as I always knew what was best.  I even knew the best way to do things; better than my dad.  Which is why I want to pay homage to Dad with these three tidbits of fatherly advice I should have listened to.  Oh man….hindsight really is 20/20.

1.  Credit Cards:  Your right, Dad.  You do have to pay them back.

2.  Cars:  Regular oil changes….who knew?

3.  Work:  Hard work pays off. It’s hard not to ignore this mowing the lawn or doing chores.


We have a pretty sweet deal for your Dad this Father’s Day and a pretty sweet deal for you.  Pick up a BOOMBOT2 and get 20 bucks off!


To Guarantee Father’s Day Delivery (June 15th) Order by these dates:

  • Thursday 6/12 before 4pm PST – Standard (2-Day) Delivery
  • Friday 6/13 before 4pm PST –  Overnight Shipping

You’ve grown up a bunch and now you probably like the same music.  It’s weird how that happens!  So the next time you’re sharing a brewski with Pop’s you will be serenaded by the sweet sounds he’s most accustomed to.Thank God for Polaroids, am I right?


Our memories sometimes fail and luckily technology is there to help us regale in the most incriminating photos.  For Dad, there is no such thing as “too ridiculous” or “over-the-top”, that’s why we’re asking our friends on the intertubular webs to show off their goofiest photos of Dad on Instagram!

That said, you send us the goods, we’ll deliver the goods.  Check the prizes and contest info below!


Starts – 6/10/14 (TODAY!!!)
Ends – 6/17/20141st Place – BOOMBOT2 & Metro Edition Socks
2nd Place – BOOMBOT2
3rd Place – Metro Edition SocksDon’t forget to #BOOMBOTIX, #doitfordad #FTW kids, and stay tuned for more goodies from your favorite ultra-portable, rugged & Dad friendly speaker company.

Boombotix Releases the Chronic Edition


The Greenhouse effect

I’m happy to announce a limited edition Bot we’ve been working on since this morning over a bowl of cereal.  I would love to tell you what kind of cereal, but I totally don’t want us to get sued.  Let’s just call it ‘Raptain Runch’ and leave it at that.

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Boombot + iPhone = Match Made in Heaven


finding the best portable speaker for iphones

So you just bought a new Apple iPhone and you love the retina display, the fast processor, and the sleek design. The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the nicest smartphones on the market. But something is missing. You turn on Pandora and you can barely hear the sound. You share a Youtube video with your friend at the park and you can’t hear the dialogue. You take your iPhone with you everywhere. It is your most vital gadget, and yet it has one major shortcoming: The sound quality coming from the speakers is garbage. If you’re looking for a way to alleviate this issue, Boombots are the best portable speaker for the iphone.

reasons why boombots are the ultimate extension of your smartphone

  1. Ultra-Portability: Don’t you take your phone with you everywhere? Shouldn’t the best portable speaker be able to go with it?  Boombots all incorporate a clip that makes it capable of clipping on to garments, pockets, bags and more.  This is wearable tech at it’s finest.
  2. Siri-Integration: The Boombot REX is one of few products that incorporate built-in Siri functionality.  Most portable speakers don’t even have this feature and other’s like the Jambox require you to download new firmware in order to enable the feature.
  3. Protects your Device: Nothing ruines the minimal perfection of an Apple product quite like a cracked screen or dent.  When you use a Boombot, in many cases you can keep your phone secured away and do a number of your commands through the portable speaker.  A cracked screen on an iPhone can cost anywhere from $60-100 to replace.  For a fraction more, you can get a wireless speaker that brings all of your media to life while also offering the protection/security of getting to store your iPhone away.
  4. Acoustics: If you use one of the top smartphones, you should probably have acoustic performance that is on par with the device itself.  Boombots incorporate a custom EQ profile that optimizes the sound output for a compact mobile device.
  5.  Customization: Boombots all incorporate some level of customization.  If you’ve fitted your iphone with a unique case, chances are you can get your Boombot portable speaker to compliment that design with custom grill kits and clips.

iphone accessory market vitals

The expected cost of an iPhone out the door with accessories is $369 (Source: Forbes).  With that in mind, the cost of a sick ultraportable speaker is a pretty small sliver when you consider the added value and functionality this portable media device offers.  If you have an iPhone, a Boombot is the best portable speaker to compliment.  Boombots are available starting at $39.99 from the Boombotix Store.

Admiral Scott Sanders Reviews the Boombot REX

Admiral Sanders is officially the first person in the world to own the Boombot REX.  A couple weeks ago we had a contest to determine who the would get this exclusive opportunity.  Scott Sanders was injured in combat and found that the Boombot REX was the best portable speaker for him to tune in while he works on hand drawn mazes and intermediate photography.  Apparently Scott has a wide taste of music too.  Watch his video review.  This reaffirms the Boombot REX as being military grade legit!  Thanks for posting this Scott!

Be the First to Own a Boombot REX

Boombot-REX- Best Portable Speaker Giveaway


You are the early adopter.  You are  bold and adventurous and you need a portable speaker that meets the demands of your lifestyle.  You’ve pre-ordered the Boombot REX on Kickstarter and you just can’t wait to get your hands on one.  Well this is how.

Tell us why you deserve the best portable speaker.  Leave your story as a comment and this Friday, we will pick the first OFFICIAL owner of the Boombot REX.  Be a part of history and tell your friends how cutting edge you are.

Example: My name is Lief and I’m a starving artist turned entrepreneur.  When I’m painting, headphone cords always get on my canvas and ruine my oil paintings.  I deserve the best portable speaker because I am trying to make art that captures an alternate reality.  I love the joy people get when they see my paintings.  By having the first Boombot REX, I can make the sickest paintings and share them with the world.  

contest rules

  1. This contest is only available for customers that have pre-ordered the Boombot REX via Kickstarter or through the Boombotix Store.  You can enter if you’d like for fun, but we will only select a winner that has pre-ordered.  You may order a Boombot REX during the contest.
  2. Please keep entries to less than 400 words
  3. Please refrain from anything that may be considered lewd and offensive.  We reserve the right to disapprove any contest entry at our discretion.
  4. Winner will be notified on Friday.  Winner will have Boombot REX express delivered to him/her on Monday May 6th via USPS Priority Mail.



We are proud to announce the first official owner of the Boombot REX.  Scott Sanders served this country in the gulf war and was injured during active duty. He was stationed in the second armored cavalry regiment during the first gulf war.   He is a true hero to us and we would like to thank him for his courageous actions.


Ernesto: I need boombot because It was an anniversary gift to my girlfriend. No boombot, no sexy background music. No sexy background music, no sexytime. Please, pick me, so I can have my sexytime back.

Boombotix: We are sorry you are missing out on sexytime right now.  Rest assured, sexytime will be restored in just a couple of weeks.  

Matt: I would love to have my REX early because I have been cycling for months to work now, I have sold my car to continue my Education and working two jobs. I need some music to ride with to keep me motivated that things will get better. I have relied on speakerphone alone, but I can’t get pumped up!

Boombotix: We are glad you are pursuing further education and bike commuting to work.  You are a man of the future and we got mad respect for you.  

Robert: Hello, my name is Robert. I’m 21 years old and currently an active duty member of the Air Force. I pledged for an attic white unit and would like to have an early unit but not for myself, but for my supervisor. Yesterday he had his house broken into and his truck stolen while he was sleeping. He lost his music collection, speakers, and countless other items. He’s really helped me while I’ve been enlisted and I’d like to do something for him if possible. Thank you,

Boombotix: That really sucks Robert.  Sad story and we will do what we can to get your supervisor back on the music game.  Gotta give props to the vets first though!!