Bike light is as loud as a car horn

Headlight helps bikers let drivers know where they are on the road

Well here’s a nifty little gadget for your bike. It’s called the Orp, and it’s a $65 LED headlight that easily mounts and dismounts from any bike’s handlebars.


The reason why it’s so expensive is because it’s function is two-fold; you see, it also serves as a horn. When triggered, it will release a loud-as-you-know-what shriek that can be heard inside a running car with its windows rolled up.


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Obstacle course ramp placed on bike path makes cycling to work a bit more fun

Nifty concept to celebrate Bike-to-Work week in Vancouver

I’ll tell you what — if this here little obstacle was placed on my bike path to work, I’d be late going in every day.

The ramp is called the “Whoopdeedoo” and it’s meant to make biking into work a bit more fun. A series of these little bumps in the path are located all throughout Vancouver for the purpose of celebrating the city’s annual “Bike-to-Work” week campaign.

Designer Greg Papove came up with the design for the ramp. It’s low enough so that all ages / biking skill levels can use it, and features simple to follow, bright lines and border flags to ensure riders don’t hurt or otherwise kill themselves going over the edge.

While it might not seem like much, the ramp has proven surprisingly popular. Get the experience of going over it in the video below.

What’s funny is that, as the rider goes over it, you can’t help but think to yourself “Whoop . . . dee . . .doo!”

R&D Update: Boombot Handlebar Mount Gets Revamped


A design evolution to make the ultimate bike speaker

A lot of people have been asking about the development of the bike mount.  We’ve seen all the ways people are fastening speakers to their bikes and we’re not satisfied or impressed.  Our first design was a little flimsy for trail/MTB applications, but this new bike speaker handlebar mount is all business.  Bar mounts are very tricky engineering challenges.  The amount of vibration put on components during a trail ride make material selection and design extremely tricky.  We teamed up with Alex Birch at Invisible Garage on this one, and the build is looking amazing.

what’s in the new design

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Lowrider Soviet Sound Innovation

The Russian military may be stagnant, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t putting their steel to good use.  Boombotix Russia built this rig for their last tradeshow using the Jumbo Boombot and some creative welds to concoct a lowrider that will put most car audio systems to shame.  We were envisioning this guy rolling in the darkness with Ghostrider’s flaming skull emanating.  If you have your own idea of what you’d do with a Jumbo Boombot, let us know.  These bad boys are hitting the store soon and we are looking forward to driving spring sound to the #nextlevel.

Lowerider Soviet Soundbike

Lowerider Soviet Soundbike

the bike design

This lowrider takes has a hint of reverse tricycle engineering.  The front two wheels pivot allowing you to control your direction AND point your bass canon wherever you’d like.  The Soviet Soundbike includes a flag holder, a 3-speed internal hub, and a guaranty that you will get laid.

Jumbo boombot technical specs

  • 250W Dayton Audio Amplifier
  • 12″ Full-Range Eminence PA Driver
  • Ported design
  • Full hand laid fiberglass construction

Lowrider Soviet Soundbike Lowrider Soviet Soundbike