Boombotix Presents Kyle Warner

Every year we get to sync up with most of our bike crew at the Sea Otter Classic. Kyle Warner has been killing it all season long and sending us some great pics to work into our spring/summer catalogs. You might notice he’s rockin’ a Limited Edition Aluminum Boombot REX in this pic below.

boom (1)

Sea Otter is always a pretty fun trip for us. I’m not going to personally be able to go this year because I have to fly to Tulsa to go pick up a secret weapon. More on that project later. I’ve never been to Tulsa, but my objective is to get out of there in no more than 12 hours. Call it a mission.

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R&D Update: Updated Bike Mount Kit Goes Into Tooling



boombotix optimizes bike mount for next level of design evolution

This week we started tooling of the new bike handlebar mount. This new design incorporates stronger materials and a much more secure mounting system. We are anticipating our production tool to make our first T1 prototype by July with an anticipated launch in September at Interbike. Pre-order this new Boombot bike speaker mount design and you can be selected to be one of the first 300 riders to receive the product.

The new bar mount is compatible with all Boombotix portable speakers including Boombot REX, Boombot1 and Boombot2. This new unit is capable of withstanding conditions for both on and off road use. All units include a No Matter What Warranty.

R&D Update: Boombot Handlebar Mount Gets Revamped


A design evolution to make the ultimate bike speaker

A lot of people have been asking about the development of the bike mount.  We’ve seen all the ways people are fastening speakers to their bikes and we’re not satisfied or impressed.  Our first design was a little flimsy for trail/MTB applications, but this new bike speaker handlebar mount is all business.  Bar mounts are very tricky engineering challenges.  The amount of vibration put on components during a trail ride make material selection and design extremely tricky.  We teamed up with Alex Birch at Invisible Garage on this one, and the build is looking amazing.

what’s in the new design

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Bike Speakers Increase FUN by 14.7X

ride fast with bike speakers and knock that beat

Having an ultraportable speaker enables our crew to have 14.7 times more fun than traditional biking methods. This is a proven fact demonstrated by the Boombotix Institute of Sound. Hit this track by Lunice- Freaky for that new new fresh beat.

Featuring riders including: Jason Clary, Joshua Squeeks, Matt Reyes, Jason Arens, Nikko Jow amongst others.

Filmed on locations in Jack London Square, Oakland, Sutro SF, and the SF Mission District, Panhandle, and Golden Gate Park.

How to keep your Boombot secured to your bike handlebars

bike speaker

The concept of using the Boombot speaker on bike handlebars has always been one of the more fun applications of Boombotix speakers.  The speaker faces directly at you.  You enjoy the safety and legality of biking without headphones.   At the same time, we have faced a number of challenges in having a solid bike mount. Some of our riders that use the handlebar mount on bumpier roads found that the speaker vibrated off the bars.  This was especially evident in guys that were using the product for trail riding or just rougher urban streets.

While this isn’t the most elegant of fixes, this simple rubber band solution keeps your speaker securely on the bars and keeps the music blasting right at you.

Installing the bike speaker

Installation is easy.  You need one big rubber band.  For a really secure fit, use one of these silicone wristbands that are frequently offered as swag.  A regular rubber band will work, but these wristband are even tighter.  You will need your Boombot and a bike handlebar mount.

1.  Feed the rubber band through the center of the bike handlebar mount along with the clip.

2.  Wrap one end of the rubber band around the top of the clip.

3. Wrap the other end of the rubber band around the feet of the Boombot and behind the teeth.

If you are completely silly and need to watch a video on how to do this, you can!