Tokyo Bike Fantasty- The Land Before Crime

Last week I went on a trip to Asia to visit some of the Boombotix distributors. My first stop was in Tokyo and Osaka to meet Fun Fancy. Donky and Katsu have been working to promote Boombotix in Japan since we started, so it was cool to get on their turf.


 bike commuting is a way of life

The bike community is vastly different than San Francisco. It wasn’t uncommon to see your everyday investment banker headed down the street in an upright sitting cruiser wearing an expensive tailored suit. The number of people riding bikes seemed to keep the clutter of the streets to a minimum. If people didn’t ride their bikes, then they would be on the subway.

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Trafik x Boombotix Sugimon Terrorizes the Speaker Market

With Paul Walker now gone, the days of Fast & Furious and street racing cars are up in the air. Nevertheless, street racing on bikes is a different story. Their video does a great job of capturing the vibe at some of the street races put on by the crew. These races are super fun with just enough organization to give winners a true sense street cred.

This LTD Edition Boombot REX comes with two different faceplates so you can switch up the design depending on your mood. Los Angeles street artist LEEN designed the first faceplate with his popular SUGIMON character and Purple colorway, while the second faceplate has the TRAFIK logo in minimal Black and White. The SUGIMON REX also comes with custom belt clips in purple and B/W colorways. This design is available exclusively on through Trafik.

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How to Skid Stop on a Fixed Gear Bike

Riding on a fixed gear bike is a lot of fun, but not being able to stop is not. Fixed gear bikers often times don’t have conventional brake systems on the bike for racing purposes. Instead, they rely on doing a skid stop. Skid stopping is not difficult, but when done improperly, it isn’t hard to send yourself flying over your handlebars. If you are practicing to lear skid stopping, I recommend doing so on really smooth asphalt or concrete. I made this short 1-minute video on how to skid stop. Enjoy and ride safe!

Also be sure to check out our Indiegogo campaign to help us raise money for the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund. Thanks for your support and let us know if you need any tips on fixed gear bikes!

Jason Clary State Bicycles x Boombotix Pro Models

Jason ClarySince Jason Clary’s recent victory at Red Bull Ride and Style, he has been in constant motion. He recently inked a new deal with State Bicycle Company landing him an all new race setup. To compliment the new look, we built Jason a custom Boombot REX for his training rides.

Don’t mind the spandex laden cyclist below. Clary doesn’t have the kind of physique for that. You’re more likely to find Jason riding topless without his teeth.

Jason has bounced around with bike sponsors in search of a partnership that really extended his brand in the right way. It’s never really been an issue with equipment. Part of it has just been a constant struggle to manage the expectations between athlete and company. A number of our employees at Boombotix ride State Bicycles to work, so having a team rider shared between our brands is also a great thing. We’re stoked that he’s been with our bike team from the start and excited to see what he will be laying down on the pavement in upcoming years.

“In my heart, I’m a racer. Riding is my passion. Anything with wheels. As long as I’m on the bike my life works out right. Bottom line, I’m going to keep riding as long as I can.” Source: Wolfpack Hustle

JasonClary ProModel BikeState Bicycle x Boombotix Bike Speaker



Red Bull Ride and Style Results

Red Bull Ride and Style

boombotix riders take the top podium spots

San Francisco, CA- Red Bull Ride and Style took place this weekend on a gorgeous blue bird day on the Embarcadero.  The course was beautiful, creative, and colorful; The perfect canvas for the worlds top singlespeed riders to put down their fastest runs and their best freeride tricks.  Team rider and winner of the Ride and Style race segment, Jason Clary,  was quoted saying,

“I was up till 5am last night and pulled this out of my ass.”

It’s not insightful.  It’s not inspiring.  It’s just downright Jason Clary at his finest.
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