Obstacle course ramp placed on bike path makes cycling to work a bit more fun

Nifty concept to celebrate Bike-to-Work week in Vancouver

I’ll tell you what — if this here little obstacle was placed on my bike path to work, I’d be late going in every day.

The ramp is called the “Whoopdeedoo” and it’s meant to make biking into work a bit more fun. A series of these little bumps in the path are located all throughout Vancouver for the purpose of celebrating the city’s annual “Bike-to-Work” week campaign.

Designer Greg Papove came up with the design for the ramp. It’s low enough so that all ages / biking skill levels can use it, and features simple to follow, bright lines and border flags to ensure riders don’t hurt or otherwise kill themselves going over the edge.

While it might not seem like much, the ramp has proven surprisingly popular. Get the experience of going over it in the video below.

What’s funny is that, as the rider goes over it, you can’t help but think to yourself “Whoop . . . dee . . .doo!”

R&D Update: Updated Bike Mount Kit Goes Into Tooling



boombotix optimizes bike mount for next level of design evolution

This week we started tooling of the new bike handlebar mount. This new design incorporates stronger materials and a much more secure mounting system. We are anticipating our production tool to make our first T1 prototype by July with an anticipated launch in September at Interbike. Pre-order this new Boombot bike speaker mount design and you can be selected to be one of the first 300 riders to receive the product.

The new bar mount is compatible with all Boombotix portable speakers including Boombot REX, Boombot1 and Boombot2. This new unit is capable of withstanding conditions for both on and off road use. All units include a No Matter What Warranty.

Beastie Boys to Monster Energy Drink: Quit Stealing Our Music!

Group files suit against energy drink maker over illegal use of their music

Beastie Boys

NO SLEEP TILL . . . the bank?

If all goes accordingly, it appears this may very well be the case for the Beastie Boys.

Reps for the New York-based rap trio have filed a suit against energy drink giant, Monster, alleging that “Monster, without plaintiffs’ consent, synchronized and recorded (Beastie Boys music) with visual and other material in the creation of promotional video . . . for Monster products.”

Thumbing through the fine print, the suit specifically refers to unlicensed Beastie Boys material in a clip for Monster’s “Ruckus in the Rockies 2012” snowboarding event held this past May. Also at issue is a Monster promo which included a link to a downloadable free MP3 that contained 23 minutes of music filled with some of the group’s most popular songs.

Now this may be slightly confusing for anyone involved in action sports whose seen videos with a Beastie Boy song or two in the background — that’s actually okay to do by Mike D, Ad-Rock, and the late, great Mr. MCA.

You see, the group has established a sharp distinction between the promotional and artistic use of their music. Skaters, bikers, and boarders have the right to use the music in personal “home-movie” videos to showcase their skills. Using the Beastie Boys’ songs specifically for advertisements, however, is a big no-no.

Especially when it’s without the group’s permission.

As a matter of fact, late Beastie Boys member Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away of cancer this past May, actually addressed this issue in his will, stating “in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes.”

Sounds pretty clear to the folks here at the world’s best portable mini speaker. Guess it was kind of confusing to the brains in charge at Monster.

Breaking it all down, in their case again Monster, Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, and Dechen Yauch (executor of the estate of Adam “MCA” Yauch) are together seeking “no less than $150,000” for each infringement Monster conducted, among other damages.

That’s a lot of Red Bull, but hey, I guess sometimes you just need to fight for your right to protect your $hit.

Bike Speakers Increase FUN by 14.7X

ride fast with bike speakers and knock that beat

Having an ultraportable speaker enables our crew to have 14.7 times more fun than traditional biking methods. This is a proven fact demonstrated by the Boombotix Institute of Sound. Hit this track by Lunice- Freaky for that new new fresh beat.

Featuring riders including: Jason Clary, Joshua Squeeks, Matt Reyes, Jason Arens, Nikko Jow amongst others.

Filmed on locations in Jack London Square, Oakland, Sutro SF, and the SF Mission District, Panhandle, and Golden Gate Park.

Line of Sight playing at Interbike 2012 Las Vegas

LINE OF SIGHT – Official Trailer from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

Some riders just lack any sense of fear.  Some call it suicide riding, and others just call it a hobby.  Check out Line of Sight by Lucas Brunelle for some of the most insane urban cycling footage we have ever seen.  Don’t lose your teeth watching it.   If you want to see the whole flick, swoop it up on their site or come by the Boombotix booth 32007 at Interbike.