Bike alarm scares away thieves

Motion detecting bike alarm sounds off when bike lock gives way

Bike thieves suck, and German designer Dennis Siegel has created a way to stop them in the act when they’re jacking your ride.


Referred to as the RFID Bikealarm (catchy, I know), this tiny little sensor gets attached to the bike seat and sounds off when the bike lock gives way.


Specifically, the alarm will trigger a loud-as-fu#k 120db siren that will draw an instant sea of eyeballs to the thief trying to steal your bike.


There’s an internal micro controller in the device to keep it from going off at random, or any time it detects a minor, harmless vibration. In terms of activating or deactivating the alarm, users need only position the radio-frequency identification tag as close the Bikealarm’s security enclosure as possible.

In terms of how long it’ll last, the device is powered by a rechargeable battery, which gets plugged in using a standard USB wire.


Check out the video below to learn more about what’s easily the second most useful bike accessory on the market (outside of our strap-on Bluetooth speakers, obvi).

Motorola wants to tattoo a smartphone microphone onto your throat!

Company takes hands-free concept to the extreme

In order to reduce the amount of background noise that often gets picked up when using hands-free calling, Motorola has come up with the super extreme solution of tattooing a smartphone microphone into a user’s neck.


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Glow in the dark paths could lead to nights of endless riding

Bikers and skaters rejoice — novel concept from UK-company starting to gain traction, could see actual implementation

While there are a lot of things to be happy about this time of year — Halloween candy, Pumpkin beer, Football — one thing that sucks majorly is the shorter days. No sooner does one get home from work, changes into their exercise gear, grabs their handlebar mountable Bluetooth speaker and hops on to their bike for a quick ride down in the park, is it too dark out to see the paths.


Well, my fellow nighttime riders and skaters, it’s time to rejoice — it appears as though UK-based company ProTeq has created a solution to this headache: glow-in-the-dark pathways.


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Check out this black box for bike riders

Device hooks up to handlebars and records ride in stunning clarity

Full-time mechanical engineer, part-time bike rider Cedric Bosch has put together a nifty little product that’s currently kicking ass on Kickstarter. It’s called “Rideye” and it is, more or less, a black box for bike riders that sits atop the handlebars, right next to your ultra-durable Bluetooth speaker (of course).

Bosch worked on the project for a little over a year before settling on the present design. He was initially inspired to create it after his close friend was seriously hurt in a hit-and-run bike accident last year. Rideye has the capability of capturing video footage that the authorities can use to identify these hit-and-run d-bags and bring them to justice.

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Fan wows staff with amazing pair of custom-made Boombotix headphones

Kid maximizes style and functionality


We’re a hard bunch to impress, which is what makes this post so dang impressive. We run this side program called “Swaganomics”, an Instagram-based platform that allows fans of the Boombotix brand to show off their Ultraportable Speakers being used in their everyday life. Those who post are rewarded points based on likes and comments, and those points can then be used towards Boombotix Swag and free products, including a free Boombot 1 and Boombot 2.

A lot of the photos posted are good, really good as a matter of fact. Some are funny, others are creative.




But then we have this photo sent in from user shafariduwan which is funny, creative, functional, all in one.

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