Oakley Airwave Goggle

As if you didn’t spend enough money on your ski/snowboard setup, the Oakley Airwave goggle allows you to plunk another large wad of cash ($800) on a piece of equipment.  No these do not feature X-Ray vision, but they incorporate GPS, jump analytics, velocity, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Source: Uncrate

Upgrade Your Speaker, and be Happier

Interested in a no-strings-attached relationship? Your favorite portable speaker company has made it ohhh so easy for you! If you trade in your old Boombot1 you automatically receive $25 credit towards a Boombot2. Take advantage of this new upgrade program and go WIRELESS.  It doesn’t matter if your Boombot1 is dirty, missing an eye, or just plain ratchet, trade it in for a newer and better version no matter the condition!

To redeem your $25 credit, submit an exchange request on our exchange page and send in your old unit whether it is working or not.  We will recycle your old Boombot1 to artists to paint and create on, so you can be-one-with-the-artist while getting hooked up. Our Boombot2 collection features Bluetooth technology for wireless playback with all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The unit can also be daisy chained to external speakers or addition units for stereo sound.

Photo [&street] cred: Saradishyphy, swagonomics.boombotix.com

Don’t forget to peek our newest limited edition Boombot. The Topography Edition Boombot2 incorporates a variety of elevation map profiles making each unit completely unique. This design was dreamt up by our CEO while he was surfing in Bali, exploring the wonders of Gaudi in Barca, and enjoying the beauty of Tahoe as he thought to himself, “I hope my customers are making the most of their day.” This limited edition is meant for you and your life in motion, so swoop one up before everyone else does!

Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Network

Creating an audio network for a short range use case

Boombotix is working a new firmware that allows two speakers to be networked via Bluetooth for true stereo sound playback.  The speakers can be used in this loft scenario to have synchronized music in the top and bottom floor of a studio loft.  They also use the Boombot2 wireless speaker to be tethered to the home stereo system for amplified sound.  If you’re looking for portable speaker tech, look no further.

In principal, what the speakers are doing with the audio source goes as follows; One bluetooth speaker pairs to an audio source (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.)  The source must be a bluetooth source.  The audio data is sent to the speaker where it is re-encoded as a stereo audio signal.  The first speaker will play the right channel while sending the audio data for the left channel to a second speaker.  This works without any latency so the speakers are able to maintain synchronized playback wirelessly while also offering true stereo.

This feature is not currently incorporated into our devices, but it is something we are developing for future models.  We are addressing the firmware design to make this pairing process seamless and ultimately allow users to transport full wireless stereo configurations wherever they choose.  If you have any questions about this technology or you may be interested in getting involved, just let us know.


BBTX Headphone and Earbud Concepts Unveiled

headphone and earphone design

As of right now, we are a speaker company, but this is not to say that we cannot apply the creativity and core values of our brand into other products.  Initially, Boombotix was formed to provide an alternative to headphones.  We have always prided ourselves in making products catered to a mobile lifestyle so durability, quality, and style have always been core values.  As we look to the future, we realized that we could apply these values to headphone and earbud design too, so this is our first stab at the concept.

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Purple BoomBot iD Contest

Give this new BoomBot color a name and take her home!

This spring we are planning to add a new addition to the Boombot BB2 bluetooth speaker family.  As you can see above, our new member has yet to take on her full identity.  Without a name, you’re nobody!  This is why we would like to ask YOU to participate in the Purple Boombot iD contest.  Entering the contest is simple:

  1. Go to the Boombotix Facebook page and “like” us and/or add us to your circles in Google+
  2. Comment on this blog post on what you would name this BoomBot speaker and WHY.  Make a story behind the name that is funny or compelling in some way.  Be sure that the name and story is appropriate.  Any lewd or scandalous names will not be considered for production or entered in the contest.
  3. Tell your friends to “LIKE” your post.  The top 5 posts with the most “likes” will be the finalists for the official name of this color-way.  The Boombotix team will select the winner.

Contest begins NOW and ends March 15th.  The winner will receive a Purple BB2 one month before the actual release date!