Be the First to Own a Boombot REX

Boombot-REX- Best Portable Speaker Giveaway


You are the early adopter.  You are  bold and adventurous and you need a portable speaker that meets the demands of your lifestyle.  You’ve pre-ordered the Boombot REX on Kickstarter and you just can’t wait to get your hands on one.  Well this is how.

Tell us why you deserve the best portable speaker.  Leave your story as a comment and this Friday, we will pick the first OFFICIAL owner of the Boombot REX.  Be a part of history and tell your friends how cutting edge you are.

Example: My name is Lief and I’m a starving artist turned entrepreneur.  When I’m painting, headphone cords always get on my canvas and ruine my oil paintings.  I deserve the best portable speaker because I am trying to make art that captures an alternate reality.  I love the joy people get when they see my paintings.  By having the first Boombot REX, I can make the sickest paintings and share them with the world.  

contest rules

  1. This contest is only available for customers that have pre-ordered the Boombot REX via Kickstarter or through the Boombotix Store.  You can enter if you’d like for fun, but we will only select a winner that has pre-ordered.  You may order a Boombot REX during the contest.
  2. Please keep entries to less than 400 words
  3. Please refrain from anything that may be considered lewd and offensive.  We reserve the right to disapprove any contest entry at our discretion.
  4. Winner will be notified on Friday.  Winner will have Boombot REX express delivered to him/her on Monday May 6th via USPS Priority Mail.



We are proud to announce the first official owner of the Boombot REX.  Scott Sanders served this country in the gulf war and was injured during active duty. He was stationed in the second armored cavalry regiment during the first gulf war.   He is a true hero to us and we would like to thank him for his courageous actions.


Ernesto: I need boombot because It was an anniversary gift to my girlfriend. No boombot, no sexy background music. No sexy background music, no sexytime. Please, pick me, so I can have my sexytime back.

Boombotix: We are sorry you are missing out on sexytime right now.  Rest assured, sexytime will be restored in just a couple of weeks.  

Matt: I would love to have my REX early because I have been cycling for months to work now, I have sold my car to continue my Education and working two jobs. I need some music to ride with to keep me motivated that things will get better. I have relied on speakerphone alone, but I can’t get pumped up!

Boombotix: We are glad you are pursuing further education and bike commuting to work.  You are a man of the future and we got mad respect for you.  

Robert: Hello, my name is Robert. I’m 21 years old and currently an active duty member of the Air Force. I pledged for an attic white unit and would like to have an early unit but not for myself, but for my supervisor. Yesterday he had his house broken into and his truck stolen while he was sleeping. He lost his music collection, speakers, and countless other items. He’s really helped me while I’ve been enlisted and I’d like to do something for him if possible. Thank you,

Boombotix: That really sucks Robert.  Sad story and we will do what we can to get your supervisor back on the music game.  Gotta give props to the vets first though!!