Do-good headphone maker helping out deaf community

Company sets up donation policy similar to Tom’s Shoes

While we don’t necessary like to encourage our audience to check out the competition, the folks over at LSTN are doing too good of a deed to be overlooked.


For those unfamiliar with the brand, LSTN sells headphones made of reclaimed wood. The company was started by Bridget Hilton following a trip she took through the Redwood Forest. A guitar / piano player, Hilton felt that wood could enhance the acoustics of a headphone set; aesthetically speaking, she figured the material might look a bit nicer than a majority of products on the market nowadays.


By all accounts, this is a pretty straightforward small business story so far. Where it changes is when Hilton partnered up with social enterprise expert Joe Huff.

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Boombotix now at is one of the leading eCommerce sites for outdoor enthusiasts. This summer, Boombotix is proud to announce the launch of the Boombot REX with this key partner. carries merchandise for camping, hiking, snow sports, climbing, and more. Having our product line in a junction for so many outdoor enthusiasts represents a great opportunity to put this product in the hands of people that push it to its limits.

One of the cool things about and (subsidiary of Backcountry) is that they really foster tight community involvement with their customers. Amazon is another eCommerce company that has put a huge emphasis on the community, but with, they have a defined niche of outdoor enthusiasts. You will notice that their product pages are occupied by their 100% return policy, a guaranteed price match, and user reviews that encourage sharing of photo and video. The stories generated by avid users create authenticity that is hard to fake. These are users that take the product on REAL adventures well beyond the safety of their work desk.

While the Boombotix store is currently backordered on the black Boombot REX, Backcountry remains one of few retailers that has their hands on it. Head to and get outside this summer!

Small speaker smackdown: JBL Micro vs Boombot Rex

When it comes to Bluetooth portable speakers, smaller is better

We recently compared the JBL Micro speaker to the Boombot Rex and were a bit surprised to find how closely the speaker matched up against latest line of awesome speaker gadgetry.


Here’s what we found:

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Boombot REX LTD Series hits Indiegogo

Boombot REX LTD Series

The Boombot REX has been shipping for the past month. The feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Your continued support has given us inspiration to continue on our journey to make the best portable audio devices possible. This fall we will be releasing several new designs of the Boombot REX. We have three new models being released including a sleek Brushed Aluminum, the bike havoc inspired Mudrunner, and the hand crafted Plox pattern. In addition to these models, we have some awesome accessories.


Going beyond the rad new gear, we are also putting together our launch campaign on Indiegogo and driving 20% of all sales towards the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund (BMEF). The BMEF allocates a $500 emergency relief check to messengers injured on the job. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for this fund and become the biggest contributor in the non-profit’s history. Bike messengers have one of the most dangerous professions of all. This campaign promotes bike safety and also gives back to a community that stands for the same values our company was built upon.


Beyond the really cool designs, we’ve made several little tweaks to the Boombot REX to improve it beyond our launch state. We’ve raised the switch a couple millimeters to make turning it on and off easier. We’ve also reinforced the micro USB to withstand additional wear and tear. Each design has a bit of a story behind it so be sure to check out what went into this project.

Check out all the new designs directly on the campaign page.