Beats by Dre headphones makes world’s cutest dog look like a complete douchebag

Headphones made popular because of their obnoxious style has claimed another celebrity endorsement

Boo the Dog with Beats by Dre headphones

Dammit. Dammitdammitdammit. Beats by Dre headphones has gone and ruined another good thing.

Boo the Dog, he of world wide web fame and fortune . . .

Boo the Dog

Cute photo of Boo the Dog

. . . has officially thrown his four-paw endorsement behind the obnoxious looking headphones created by Dr. Dre.

Why would Boo do this? Who knows. Why would Beats by Dre do this? Simple—because they’re more annoying with their marketing tactics than having to see Justin Bieber stand around in his skinny jeans popping his hoodie.

Picture of Justin Bieber with hoodie

^And you thought I was just being facetious.^

Now, while we can all take comfort in the fact that the Beats team didn’t go so far as to actually create headphones to market to our K9 pals out there, they did take the time to create a Boo the Dog play list, which they posted to his Facebook page.

Shame on you gif

Without further ado . . .

morning alarm: abc … jackson 5
afternoon stroll: good day sunshine … the beatles
naptime: dream … priscilla ahn
serenade for buddy: the way i am … ingrid michaelson
serenade for human: “c” is for cookie … cookie monster

After reading this story, do yourself a favor — go find your Boombotix portable speaker, and give it a great, big hug and thank it for not being so lame.