Top Consumer Electronics Of All Time

Spoiler alert:

Gameboy, LiteBrite not on list

Consumer Electronics

The greatest consumer electronics of all time is a pretty extensive topic to cover. You’ve got the TV. Cell phone. Digital camera. Boombotix BB1. The list goes on and on and on.

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Desperate Halloween Advice

Haven’t had any ideas for Halloween?
Wondering what’s the best look to rock with your Boombox on Halloween?

We’re here to help you out.

Step 1: Having a BoomBox. Don’t have one? Get one HERE.

Carbon Fiber BB2 Limited Edition, Camo BB2 Limited Edition, BB1 Retro Orange are back in stock.

Step 2: Yes, you’re going to be Zombie Boy/Girl for Halloween.

Zombie Boy, Rick Genest, is a Canadian artist and model. He is well-known for being tattooed on his entire body and the guy in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way music video. He just modeled for Dermablend, which produces professional cosmetics for makeup artists and the industry. The video, Go Beyond The Cover, is incredible. Still wondering why Zombie Boy? Look at your BoomBox, it’s a skull. Duh.

Step 3: Put hella makeup on your face.

Here is the closest Zombie Boy makeup tutorial video.

All you need is liquid eyeliner. Easy.

There’ll be black light at the Halloween party? Try doing your makeup with Makeup Forever’s Flou Night fine powder. 8 different colors for you to be a glow Zombie Boy.

via Refinery29

Step 4: Get the outfit: white shirt, black blazer, black pants, and black bow tie.

OR just wear something cool and sexy.

Step 5: Create a playlist and play it loud through your BoomBox.

Steaming playlist

Step 6: Party like it’s your last Halloween.

Happy Halloween

BoomBox and fashion, why not?

Have you ever thought of wearing your BoomBox? As an accessory. BoomBox and fashion, why not? This fall, D&G had such a playful collection for menswear. Those fitted blazers, repp ties, and corduroys were all over the collection. Dolce and Gabanna also designed headphones, which are collaborated with Skullcandy, for matching its old school theme. The headphones definitely became a part of the fashion. Now we’re thinking why don’t we dress with our BoomBoxes?

images via

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Dubstep Nation ft. Trolley Snatcha + Dance Competition ft. BoomBotix

Save this saturday night for BoomBotix and Trolley Snatcha. Vital SC presents Dubstep Nation ft. Trolley Snatcha on October 8, at Club 525 (525 Howard St, San Francisco)(18+!!).

BoomBotix will be throwing a Dance Competition at the Moombahton Stage. The prize will be a BB1 speaker from us. Don’t miss a chance to SHOW YOUR MOVES & WIN A BOOMBOX.

Trolley Snatcha
via Vital SC

Get your ticket HERE