10 Hottest Zombie Girls

Zombies are the new Vampires

Halloween is just a few weeks away now, along with the season premiere of The Walking Dead, which means it’s time for…ZOMBIES! If you’ve been feeling the hankering for a hunk of fresh, hot, human brains don’t panic – you are not alone. In fact soon you’ll be part of the horde! Arrgh! Brains!

From Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Resident Evil’s 5th incarnation to AMC’s The Walking Dead it seems they are everywhere! Zombies have always been cool if you think about it – but lately they are getting the red carpet treatment they so richly deserve. Brad Pitt is even set to star in the film adaptation of World War Z, the New York Times bestseller from Max Brooks (who also wrote the Zombie Survival Guide). The film has had some production delays but promises to be a smashing success. As the Boombotix resident “zombie expert” I’m going to see it at the midnight screening for sure – whether that’s in December or next June.

According to one new source zombies are now worth over 5 billion dollars to the economy! That’s books, movies, videos, music, and blogs plus merchandise. One of the things contributing to this is a sudden uptick in the love of dystopic fiction – end of the world scenarios that involve complex interactions between morally divergent survivors fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Think Hunger Games or the new NBC show REVOLUTION. Max Brooks had this to add on his website…

“I think they (zombies) reflect our very real anxieties of these crazy scary times. A zombie story gives people a fictional lens to see the real problems of the world. You can deal with societal breakdown, famine, disease, chaos in the streets, but as long as the catalyst for all of them is zombies, you can still sleep.”

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Ten Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos – 2012 Edition

Nothing Lasts Forever Except The Embarrassment of a Bad Tattoo

There are a lot of lists floating around on the internet these days of dumb celebrities who’ve gone and gotten even dumber tattoos. It’s funny to think of how a misspelling scrawled into their skin will indelibly remind us of just how fallible these lesser Gods really are. In the end they aren’t any better than the rest of us, just more popular and, in most cases, with a whole lot more money.  They might be better off investing in some sick sound gadgetry, but alas, to each his own.

Since the list of new idiotic tattoos being carved into the soft flesh of celebrities never seems to quit growing (thanks in no small part to rap music and reality television) we’ve decided to jump in and add our own Top Ten. Hope you enjoy! And remember, it’s only gotta last forever, so make sure it counts!

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