Sumo Sake Showdown at CES-Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas If you’ve never heard about CES, then you have probably managed to avoid the press every new year.  If there is one show that hardware technology companies come out swinging, flexing, and strutting, this would be it.  If you are a gadget junkie, nerd, geek, or hacksaur, this is the show you want to ogle over this year’s releases.  Find everything from Apple accessories the the iLounge (North Hall) to the thinnest OLED TVs on the market.

A number of companies also show off their technology in a variety of custom concept vehicles.  Many companies with comfy marketing budgets will throw some penthouse parties.  Word on the street is that there is a penthouse party on the 64th floor of the Mandalay Bay on Wednesday (Must have a CES badge to get in).  If you’ve never puffed a cigar on top of the city that never sleeps, we encourage you to do so.  CES will go from January 8th-11th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at 4pm, we will be having a Sumo Sake Showdown. Put your weight behind your gut and enter for a chance to win a free Boombot2 Bluetooth speaker. Put your music where your mouth is at Booth 3506 at CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Music increases performance and energy. Its a fact.

Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Music allow us to focus on whatever we are doing without losing flow or continuity. That is important to anyone that enjoys performing at a high level. Whether you are working , undergoing intense exercise, or raging face, music can be considered a performance enhancer. Music has helped elite tri-athletes in Australia increase their endurance by 15%, researchers say (Source:BBC)  Why?  Its said that music has the ability to mask pain or the perception of effort.

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How mobile Software will influence hardware design at CES 2012

This year at CES, mobile apps are expected to be a central focus at a trade show that was previously dominated by hardware.  Certainly the plethora of new tablets and mobile devices will still retain their ranks, but one trend that has picked up amongst hardware manufacturers is the necessity to bring an App based interface thats compatible with other mobile devices.

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Two WEEKS till CES International – Gadget Debut

That’s right…the biggest show in the world.  Most tradeshows are two or three days tops.  CES is four.  Wanna know why?  Because its the biggest show in the world.

There’s a lot more to see at CES than JUST the 2012 Boombotix lineup (but boy do we have some tricks up our sleeve).  MSW Wireless will be showcasing the new House of Marley headphone line which are made primarily of renewable materials.  Great to see companies continue to pushy eco-freindly products.  Check them out at Booth 5419.

Clarity One is using one proven tactic to draw people to their booth to check out their new headphones.  Hope they sound as good as they look:

There are a lot of rumors that laptops will continue to get thinner.  At this point, we should be expecting some laptops thin enough to dice carrots no later than 2015.  CNET quoted, “rumor mill says that nearly every computer manufacturer will get in on the act with at least one 13- or 14-inch entry.

There’s also a lot of hype built up around LG showcasing the new Google TV (Engadget).  This is living proof that Apple and Google are ultimately going head-to-head with media.  Lets hope Google TV isn’t as buggy as the Android OS.

Wanna get a free pass to the show?  If you are a qualified retail buyer, or a member of the press, please send your credentials to and we will review.  Unfortunately, we are limited in the number of show passes that we get, so we cannot guarantee passes for everyone.  On the other hand, if you’re the real deal, bring your credentials to the show and you have no trouble going through good ol’ show registration (but it wont be FREE).

Find Boombotix in the North hall Booth #5908

5 Gadgets You Should Check Out at CES

The International CES is coming in a month, January 10-13, 2012. You aren’t familiar with CES? It’s actually the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. BoomBotix is going to be at CES this year, at North Hall 5908. Come to check out our NEW products there.

Of course, tons of the lastest technology gadgets will be shown at CES. Here are 5 gadgets that you should check out.

PlayStation Vita
Front and back multitouch screens, motion sensors and Sixaxis sensors. Chat on the fly in the midst of multiplayer action or while watching videos. Catch every detail with the PlayStation Vita system’s stunning, multitouch 5 inch OLED display.

Wii U
A revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, a whole new world of play styles and gaming possibilities is on the horizon.

A pocket size adapter that can turn any USB storage device into a wireless file server, sharing files with WiFi-enabled devices (iPad, iPhone, computer etc.). It can also automatically connect to the Internet to backup and synchronize your USB data with popular online Cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox and

RCA USB Wall Plate Charger
Turns any standard home dual AC power outlet into a USB outlet in seconds, with fast, full-speed charging for 2 smartphones or 1 tablet, and standard power via the pass-through AC outlet.

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera
Using the full-function digital camera and integrated printer, photo printing becomes as mobile as photo taking, recapturing the magic of instant photography. Using ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging, instantly transform digital pictures into fun and useful, 3×4” photos that can be shared and enjoyed spontaneously and on the go.