Simplify your riding with this chain-free bike

Bicymple knows how to keep things EZ-breezy

This here contraption is design studio Scalyfish Designs’ awesome concept—the bicymple.

Bicymple bike

It’s a chain-free approach to the standard bike that’s simple yet still functional, and allows for rear-steering for tight turns and “crab riding.”

Crab riding on bicymple

Riding on bicymple

Since the chain’s gone, the number of moving parts is significantly reduced. A direct-drive, freewheeling hub is attached to the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis. This, as you can see, shortens the wheelbase and minimizes the overall design (though I would add a Boombotix portable boombox – or two – to the handlebar to complete the awesome look). It also makes the thing lightweight and pretty damn stylish looking if I do say so myself (certainly better than the Fliz bike we wrote about earlier in the month).

Bicymple photo

Video of the Bicymple after the jump.

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