Bike Speakers Increase FUN by 14.7X

ride fast with bike speakers and knock that beat

Having an ultraportable speaker enables our crew to have 14.7 times more fun than traditional biking methods. This is a proven fact demonstrated by the Boombotix Institute of Sound. Hit this track by Lunice- Freaky for that new new fresh beat.

Featuring riders including: Jason Clary, Joshua Squeeks, Matt Reyes, Jason Arens, Nikko Jow amongst others.

Filmed on locations in Jack London Square, Oakland, Sutro SF, and the SF Mission District, Panhandle, and Golden Gate Park.

Orange 20 Cup coming to Encino Velodrome, -August 22nd

velodrome bike race

If you have massive quadriceps and abnormally large lugs or you are a PBR chuggin’ pot belly stoner, this is the race for you.  If you are a super tight jeaned, tattoo sleeved, chain-smoking hipster, this is the race for you.  If your ride fixed and you ride fast, then please make it out to the Encino Velodrome for the Orange20 Cup on August 22nd at 7:00pm under the lights.

Recommended training regiment: Daily diet of burritos and coffee followed by a cigarette and three pessimistic remarks.

May the best rider win.  Winners will have their choice of Chrome bags, Boombotix ultraportable speakers, and much much more.  Big thanks to Orange20 for putting this event together.

NY to SF Alleykings Race

We got some riders from the East Coast joining us for a little friendly race through San Francisco.  Prizes kicked down from some of the freshest brands in the game including LDG, and Chrome Bags.  This isn’t really about the prizes though… This is the East Coast crew invading the SF Fixed Gear community to steal the glory.  Fortunately for us, we have some super fast racers including Jason Clary holding it down for the West.  Let us not forget, we also sponsor Squid.  But do not let him win on our turf.  See you guys out there.  Word on the street is that Boombotix will have a freshly iced keg of PBR for a little after race festivities.

Chrome Bag’s Warsaw saves BoomBotix Messengers

For those of you who need to carry a heavy load on your back, look no further than the Chrome Warsaw.  With our company’s recent move to SF, we decided that it would only be fitting to have BoomBotix products delivered via bicycle messenger.  One of our obstacles was that we needed to carry at least 12 BoomBot speakers and a custom display.  This load was really beyond the capability of our conventional backpack or book bags.  The product also had to be transported in a way that wouldn’t damage the cardboard packaging or the display construction.

Fortunately for us, we ran into Chrome @ Public Works Bikes ‘n’ Beats event and shared our little problem.  The solution was quickly remedied with the Chrome Warsaw Messenger bag.

We were able to fill this bag up with 15 speakers (3 MORE than our goal), a display, and still have room for more toys including chargers and repair tools.  This bag also offered enough structure to keep our packaging look fresh off the boat.  Another nice feature on this bag was the velcro shoulder straps.  These straps allowed us to position the BoomBot pretty much anywhere we like.  You can check out all of the features and specs of the Chrome Warsaw bag HERE.


If you are a retailer or customer in San Francisco and would like to have one of our messengers deliver some BoomBots in your direction, please shoot us an email at