101 List of Simple Items that Enhance Your Life

1. Playing cards for the lull moments. You can always occupy a group of people or just yourself with a pack of cards.

2. Pad of paper & pen for things that you know you’ll forget. For a cute girl’s number if your phone is dead, for the name of a song that you want to download, or just to doodle.

3. A plant in the space you spend the largest amount of your time. Whether it’s your office, your bedroom, or your bathroom, a little greenery can only make you happier.

4. A beanie for the unexpected chilly nights.

5. Disposable camera to capture the random moments you want to remember. Or to capture the license plate of the guy that ran over your bike.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

6. An ultraportable speaker to add life to a social situation. Everybody likes music.

7. A comfortable mattress because a good nights sleep can make all the difference.

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Louis Vuitton Condoms Allow You To Take Luxury to the Next Level

Designer Brand Rubbers Lend Whole New Meaning to Phrase ‘Balling Out in Style’

How much money would you pay to add some style and class to your safe lovemaking sessions? I guess the answer might depend on how important is name brand recognition to your sex life. I’m not talking about exotic materials like goat skin or latex that’s been ribbed for her pleasure or even self heating lubes. I’m talking about designer brand condoms, you know, to ball out in style.

The subject raised its head again recently when Louis Vuitton condoms priced at $68 a piece began circulating on the web once more. The original story on the popular hoax of the luxury brand prophylactic came out last December. The Huffington Post broke the news that it was all a PR stunt by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria who dreamed up the condoms in collaboration with Design Provocation as a design-project. The team hoped to launch the product on World AIDS Day and donate the proceeds to amfAR, The Foundation For AIDS Research. According to the UK Telegraph a spokesman for Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the designer condom. We’re guessing Marc Jacobs didn’t think it was all that funny either. Since then people haven’t been able to stop talking about them – especially on Twitter, where flame wars break out causing it to trend every few weeks. The story has even been covered on the local morning news in some parts of the country.

One designer who isn’t afraid to put his name on a condom package (and everything else) is shark jumping Ed Hardy creator Christian Audigier, whose line of Ultra Premium Lubricated Condoms actually did come out last year. Given that his brand has now spread from shirts and hats to keychains, barware, perfume, and energy snacks I’d say he’s not very particular. I saw a pair of Ed Hardy shot glasses the last time I was in Ross, but I’ve never seen Louis Vuitton there.

Just one look at the package and you can almost smell the hair gel of the guy who will be showing it off, but not likely able to use it, since his six applications of Drakkar Noir form an impenetrable barrier to the opposite sex that is far more effective as a means of birth control than a gimmick rubber.

It got me to thinking about other designers who could make cool condoms for the masses – Michael Kors(you can’t afford it), Jimmy Choo(for everything below the belt), or maybe even Puff Daddy(I’m mind fucking you right now!)!

So the question is – would you try one? Guys might impress their fashion conscious girlfriends and ladies wouldn’t have to be ashamed to carry them because their protection could now match their handbag and shoes. Let us know what you think.

Something tells me that Kanye West already has a closet full of these. I’d guess 50 Cent as well. Honestly, would you be all that surprised if you heard that Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton had a few of the label’s notorious brown packages stashed in their purses as you read this? I know I wouldn’t. Real or fake they make excellent conversation starters all while promoting safe sex. That’s a win win in my book!

Despite being debunked the hoax continues to gain momentum, sparking speculation that if the demand for luxury handbags should ever wane, the popular brand would have a tidy plan B ready and waiting to roll out. Most people will probably stay with whatever method they are using now given the hefty price tag on these racy rubbers. I can say that for the time being I’m going to stick to picking up mine up at the bargain basement price of free-ninety-nine by grabbing a handful out of a jar at Planned Parenthood while flirting with single moms.