3D printed music box plays custom-composed songs

Yesterday’s music machinery given modern-day technology facelift

When we talk about awesome portable speakers, a hand-cranked music box isn’t the first thing that normally comes to mind, but the folks over at Left Field Labs have come out of, well, left field and really surprised us with their latest endeavor.


Referred to as “Music Drop”, the device you see above is a modern-day approach to yesterday’s music machinery; that is, the hand-cranked music box. The Left Field team explains their thinking, saying “. . . since the 18th century, people have embraced the charm of the music box – a compact music player originally built on the mechanics and tradition of artisan watchmaking. We wanted to create a modern day adaptation to put tech and cheer right in your hand.”


Outside of the design of the box itself, the buyer has complete control over their music box. They can customize it first by naming it, then they can choose the colors and music that they want the box to play by uploading it via the group’s site.

Once all of the data’s in, the Left Field team will assemble the Music Drop by hand and ship it over to your home.


Left Field Labs is “excited to see what we could do with 3D printing capabilities and with learnings from some of our more recent projects and experiments, we were attracted to the idea of tapping into the recent shift towards personalized, small-scale fabrication.”

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