Boombotix Explains Custom Speaker Program


If you are looking to develop custom portable speakers, you may have come across some of the Boombotix projects over the years. Some of the top artists and musicians trust Boombotix with their brand identity. The use Boombotix because they know the sound is great and the quality is the best in the game. In this article, we are going to explain some of the various printing technologies that we use to achieve a wide variety of custom speaker effects. 

Boombotix uses a wide variety of print technologies to give us the ultimate versatility, speed and quality in all of our custom products.


This method utilizes specially configured printers that can quickly lay down high resolution imagery onto metal surfaces. Digital printing on custom speaker projects are great when users are looking to do designs on just the flat speaker grill with a high level of detail. Digital printing has fast turnaround time in under one week.


Leverages a heat press to evaporate ink permanently onto a specially treated grill. This method is extremely durable and great for projects under 1000 pieces. The process works very similar to the way some t-shirts are pressed, however the metal has to be specially coated with a thermal paint to be able to accept the ink.

A common question is what is the benefit of digital printing versus sublimation. It is fairly subtle, but the sublimation process takes about double the amount of time/labor. On the flip-side, sublimation tends to provide a modestly more durable coating.

Water Transfer

This technique is used for creating patterns/wraps around the product. It is typically only reserved for larger scale projects exceeding 1000 pieces as the film creation is challenging. The film is immersed in a chemical that essentially liquifies the film into paint. The parts are dipped into the paint before drying and curing. We have a massive library of textures available, or we can also make custom films from any digital file.

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done an their various printing requirements.

Speaker Printing Types

If you are interested in making a custom speaker for your own brand, company or gifting program, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

Working with Boombotix on Pro Model Speakers


When a company asks you to make a Pro Model, this is usually the highest level of respect an athlete can have.  Pro Models are typically done when an athlete has exhibited stellar cohesion with the brand values on all fronts including marketing, PR, personality and performance.  This goes farther than your video segment.  This is the moment when you become infused in a brand.

Typically, companies pay licensing royalties to the athletes for the pro-model.  This is usually a percentage of revenue.  We recently teamed up with Hookit to manage our athlete relationships and we’d like YOU to get involved and show us that you have what it takes to make a pro model speaker with Boombotix.

how to make a pro model

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Customizing your Boombotix Speaker

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

custom speaker private labeling services for brands and designers

Boombot speakers are designed to adapt to your lifestyle.  They are the projector of the music that defines your identity.  Boombot speakers are a blank canvas for designers and artists.  Designers and brands can explore a new medium on a device that provides real utility.  This is a product that is taken and seen everywhere. Draw attention to your brand and give the gift of sound. To see a full catalog of products you can customize, visit the Boombotix store and get inspired.

Boombot Design Constraints

Boombot speakers are built with meticulous industrial design characteristics for function and acoustic performance.  Designs should not do anything to interfere with the acoustic performance of the product.  We do not typically change mechanical components on our products unless it is implemented throughout our entire product line.

There are several processes for applying graphics onto Boombot speakers.  We typically use water transfer to apply pattern and texture graphics.  Pad printing is used for stamping graphics on product.  Each method has some restrictions, but the two methods can also be used in combination to offer artists the most graphic freedom.  As a rule of thumb, if you are using a pattern, you should include source art that is at least 1000p x 1000p as vector art.  With pad printing, keep in mind that simplicity is going to be the most feasible and smaller graphics will work easier than larger ones.  Units can also be hand painted, but this increases production costs significantly.

In pad printing, avoid designing around the sharper lines of the product.  Think of pad printing as a stamp that is applied to a surface.  The stamp can bend around some soft contours but cannot form around sharper ones.

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Purple BoomBot iD Contest

Give this new BoomBot color a name and take her home!

This spring we are planning to add a new addition to the Boombot BB2 bluetooth speaker family.  As you can see above, our new member has yet to take on her full identity.  Without a name, you’re nobody!  This is why we would like to ask YOU to participate in the Purple Boombot iD contest.  Entering the contest is simple:

  1. Go to the Boombotix Facebook page and “like” us and/or add us to your circles in Google+
  2. Comment on this blog post on what you would name this BoomBot speaker and WHY.  Make a story behind the name that is funny or compelling in some way.  Be sure that the name and story is appropriate.  Any lewd or scandalous names will not be considered for production or entered in the contest.
  3. Tell your friends to “LIKE” your post.  The top 5 posts with the most “likes” will be the finalists for the official name of this color-way.  The Boombotix team will select the winner.

Contest begins NOW and ends March 15th.  The winner will receive a Purple BB2 one month before the actual release date!


Custom SB1s for ASR

portable speaker

On August 13th-15th, Team SkullyBoom will be making our way down to the ASR tradeshow.  This is really our first “big” tradeshow, so we’re super excited to showcase the SB1 in front of some national media.

CEO, Lief Storer commented, “It’s important for everyone in the surf/skate/snow industry to see not only our roots in action sports, but also our background in the world of urban art.”

For the show, we’ve prepared several custom SB1s just to show off the platforms highly customizable nature.  If you are interested in getting your SB1 showcased, the company has made room for three artists submissions, but you better hurry because the show is coming up fast.  Send pictures of your custom SB1 to for consideration.