The gif that keeps on giving: Tim Knoll showcases amazing skill flatland riding

BMX’er is on another planet when it comes to bike tricks

Got a few minutes to spare? Prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

Tim Knoll is a ridiculously talented BMX flat land rider out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s constantly posting videos on YouTube to showcase his tricks, garnering millions of views in the meantime, but has since gained broader notoriety after the following gif showed up on Reddit:

Tim Knoll flat land bmx

Do a quick Google search of his name and you’ll get instant access to tons of videos of Knoll doing what he does best: tricking out on his BMX with a bored-as-fuck look on his face. It’s awesomely amusing.

During my research, I did come across the video from which the above gif was extracted. It’s about two minutes long, and definitely worth every second of your life.


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The History of the Boombot

Ghetto fab-o-lous skullyboom circa 2009

The original Boombot was conceived as an alternative to headphones. The founder of Boombotix, Lief Storer, was commuting via bicycle to and from work across a mile of traffic and three miles of bayside estuary. He wanted something that would be safer than headphones while also immersing himself in the outdoors with his music. He worked as an engineer by day and an artist by night. When the company flew him to Taiwan to work on LED lighting systems, he discovered Japanese urban vinyl toy design. He began incorporating the toy medium into his work before coming across a Do-it-Yourself toy called the Skully.

The Skully featured asymmetrical eyes in a tennis ball-sized form factor. The toy was made of PVC on a rotocast. Using the shell and some off-the-shelf portable speaker components and a Motorola walkie-talkie belt clip, Lief assembled the first working prototypes. Many of his friends took interest in the product, and a company was beginning to form. Over the next year, Lief spent his off-hours meticulously refining the design to move closer to a satisfactory working prototype. The first production prototypes were tested in rain drenched San Francisco and the deep treacherous powder throughout Lake Tahoe.

By April of 2010, Lief had raised enough private equity and built enough into the design to bring the first Boombots to the market. They were super simple, featuring an on/off button, rechargeable battery, retractable audio cable, and a hip clip.

Bike Speakers Increase FUN by 14.7X

ride fast with bike speakers and knock that beat

Having an ultraportable speaker enables our crew to have 14.7 times more fun than traditional biking methods. This is a proven fact demonstrated by the Boombotix Institute of Sound. Hit this track by Lunice- Freaky for that new new fresh beat.

Featuring riders including: Jason Clary, Joshua Squeeks, Matt Reyes, Jason Arens, Nikko Jow amongst others.

Filmed on locations in Jack London Square, Oakland, Sutro SF, and the SF Mission District, Panhandle, and Golden Gate Park.

Pedalfest in Jack London Square- August 18th

sprint race for a free ultraportable speaker at 4pm

Pedalfest jack London Square

We will be out here tryin’ to function at Pedalfest this weekend in Jack London Square this weekend.  The East Bay bike community is growing strong as they have developed their own full fledged hipster culture.  The lower rent expenses allow them to purchase more PBR than ever.  The climates comparable to San Francisco’s Mission District are bringing out our most attractive tattoo laden riders.  Make your way over to Jack London Square and check out some of Boombotix’s ultraportable speaker line including the Jason Clary pro model.

Going to the Sea Otter Classic – April 19th to 22nd

Sea Otter Classic

This week marks one of the biggest weeks in the California cycling community with the oncoming of the famous Sea Otter Classic.  What makes this even incredibly special is that it brings together cyclists from a broad range of disciplines and skill sets to partake in one of the biggest races of the year.  Anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro can partake and you will see everything from adrenaline junkie downhill racers to spandex laden road racers.

The Sea Otter Classic takes place at the famous Laguna Seca raceway.  Normally, this venue hosts some of the fastest cars in the planet on a long, sweeping course with numerous elevation changes.  For this weekend, the manpowered transmissions rule and anyone can shine in their respective racing class.

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