Darkstar x Boombotix Boombot2 Giveaway

Darkstar x BoombotixDarkstar is hooking up 4 Facebook fans with a set Darkstar wheels and an Ultra-portable wireless Boombot2 speakers by Boombotix. If you like to skate the best compounds and bump the flyest tunes at every spot, this is an easy gamble to achieve victory.  Good luck !

You have until April 20th (4-20) to sign up. Click HERE to enter -> 

Chet Thomas Invests in Boombotix

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mobile audio company Boombotix is proud to announce their partnership with entrepreneur and professional skateboarder Chet Thomas. The San Francisco based company, founded in 2009, produces a portable speaker designed to withstand demands of the transient snow-skate-surf lifestyle.  The company’s product has picked up many accolades from within the action sport community, and the addition of Chet Thomas as an advisor/investor is an affirmation of such. Boombotix is excited to be working with Chet, as his product development efforts at Darkstar Skateboards and Globe Shoes have positioned these brands among the elite in action sports.  Paired with the company’s smart speaker technology and Chet’s brand management expertise, innovation will be evident in the future of Boombotix.

The partnership with Chet as an advisor/investor is proof of the brand being welcomed into the action sports community.  Boombotix CEO commented on the partnership: “Chet has been known for his innovation.  The guy created a wheel company from the ground up, worked with strategic partners to develop  exclusive urethane compounds and technologies, successfully transitioned the company into a solid skateboard brand, and continues to push the brand forward via his role as Darkstar brand manager. This is the kind of entrepreneurial innovation that we really value at our company. Chet will be a great help by providing advice to our team.”

Like other members of the action sports community before him, he sees this as an opportunity to leverage years of branding to create a partnership with a young brand with tremendous potential. This partnership is a prime example of athletes transitioning into roles as real entrepreneurs with a keen eye for the future direction of the market.

Will this mean you might be seeing a Darkstar x Boombotix collaboration in the near future?  Maybe…