How to paint a woodgrain effect

Learn to use acrylic paint to get a realistic wood sheen on any medium

A couple weeks ago, I finished this piece and took some photos out in the woods before taking it on the road.  One of the things I was excited about was sharing the painting methods of getting this woodgrain effect.  I did my best to document the entire process so that if you ever have those sneakers that you want to trick out or maybe another inanimate object that you want to turn to wood, YOU CAN.

In this tutorial, he uses an upsized custom fiberglass Boombot loudspeaker. If you like thumping powerful audio and art, then this piece gives you the best of the two. Art with function and enough OOMPF to throw your next raging party.

You can mess around with various styles of wood as well as using different color variations, but this will hopefully give you one way to go about getting a very realistic looking woodgrain. Hope you enjoy!

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SkullyBoom dips into pro audio


Until recently, professional audio speakers have been confined to the generic aesthetic of a black box.  This year we came up with an idea a tad outside “the box”.  The SB-250 (also nicknamed “Biggy Skulls”) is a jumbo sized version of the SB1 portable speaker which releases the first week of April.

In its current form, the SB250 is driven with a Dayton Audio PMA250 plate amp.  The amp’s mixer features 2 MIC inputs and a Line-in port for playing off of iPods or other generic music devices.   The amp also has a speaker out for simple daisy-chaining of multiple units when things need to get really crazy.  The subwoofer is a 12” Eminence coupled with a tweeter providing full range dynamic sound that knocks.

The shell of the speaker is made of hand laid fiberglass.  To pay homage to the Do-it-yourself toy that this speaker was designed after, DLi$h has provided a custom acrylic paint job resembling teal/pink stitched panels covering a layer of robotic mayhem.

Currently the speaker is in a state of evolution; however it will be used for promotional purposes to help support the launch of the SB1 portable speaker.

“At this point it’s hard to say where this product could go.  We are already working on the second iteration with a storage compartment, a retractable luggage tote, and wheels, but at this point, all we know is that it’s awesome and we’re having fun with it.  With this large of project, we’re offering some of our customers a lot of customizing freedom, and this is just proof that we know how to make no-nonsense audio.”

The SB250 is available on a made-to-order basis with lead times of around one month.


– 250 Watts driven to an Eminence 12” full range loudspeaker (enough power to cause organs to shift)

– Hand laid fiberglass shell inspired from the DIY Skully vinyl toy

– 2 MIC inputs and one line-in for iPod/MP3/CD/Laptop/Turntable/Mixer compatibility

– On board mixer for each input

– Built in bass/treble adjustment knobs

– Custom features made-to-order

– Two feet tall/50 lb. weight

-Runs direct off standard 110V A/C

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