Solar powered DJ set lets you turn tables in front of picnic tables

Eco-friendly, outdoor DJ booth is first of its kind

If you ever thought a picnic could use a dose of Skrillex or Deadmau5, then you’re in luck because Yalp / Lappset has just introduced the next iteration in outdoor entertainment with the world’s first eco-friendly, outdoor-ready DJ booth.



Referred to as “The Fono”, the booth is a solar powered turn-table that requires zero DJ skills. Instead, it allows users to play music off their smartphone, and includes cut, tempo, and loop options to play with. Fono simply amplifies the sound of the smartphone, but it does all of this via the power it’s generating from the solar panels atop its roof.




Fono recently won a RedDot award, beating some 4,815 other entries from 53 different countries. And for those doubting whether something like this will ever take off, apparently overseas it’s a pretty big deal; particularly with the folks in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

No doubt it’s a wicked cool concept, but for those looking to bring their music with them in a bit more of a compact form, might we suggest a certain Bluetooth portable speaker that can clip onto your pocket?

Flo Rida releases new DJ “technology”, gets called out by Deadmau5 for lame product

Ground-breaking music technology is anything but

Flo Rida’s place in the music world is certainly not in good standing, and it appears as though any credibility he did have, just took a major hit.

You see, the musician is less known for his songs and more so known for throwing temper tantrums, ripping off ideas, and skipping concerts. And now he’s launched this “contraption”, which has everyone rolling their eyes at a horrible attempt on trying to cash in on the rise in popularity of digital music technology.

The piece you see above is called “Beamz by Flo” and from what I gather, it allows the user to “make music” by moving his or her hands through laser beams that are pre-programmed with songs like Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together” and Flo Rida’s “Whistle”.

According to Flo, “Whether your fantasy’s to be a rock hero, a DJ thrilling the crowd, or you just want to fulfill your dreams of playing the music you love, you have to try my Beamz for yourself.”

True that, homie.

As was expected, many in the music community took exception to what’s clearly a bullshit product. None more than Deadmau5, who called Flo out on the technology after seeing the video himself: “Well…fuck. so much for my career…the futures here. shit… save me an opening slot at least,” he Tweeted, followed by a series of the following posts: “Seriously though… at least at one point during that commercial shoot, Flo must been like “man… someone might see this… mmmnahhhhhhh fuckit,” he wrote. “.@beamzmusic im in. ill sell out, i dont give a fuck. I’ll do your next advert. 7 million. cash. unmarked bills. #tourmoney”.

Have a look yourself and let us know what you think!

Who is Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz is an electronic DJ/musician and has managed to become an SEO anomaly for Boombotix. Back in January, we did a piece on how music increases energy for athletes. We featured a frame of the Call on Me music video which is best known for skimpy 80’s spandex leotards and dance aerobics that are highly sexual.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you should watch this video for your enhanced education.

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Deadmau5 going with a black mask at Grammys

Deadmau5 wears a T-shirt with Skrillex's phone number at 2012 Grammy Awards Deadmau5 was seen at the Grammy’s rocking a black color-way mouse helmet.  Part of the gimmick was his T-shirt with Skrilex’s phone number and the phraser “U mad bro?”   It was all done as a way to bitterly congratulate Skrillex for his nomination and domination of both dance-music grammys.  We actually like the black mouse head quite a bit.  One would have to wonder, how many mouse helmets do you think Deadmau5 has?

Photo Source: LA Times
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October Hotcakes!

deadmau5 animal rights

The Giants are in the playoffs, the snow is beginning to fall in the mountains (Mammoth), and a whole new season of awesome is amongst us. Your friends at SkullyBoom feel that you should accompany these excellent times with excellent music, here are 4 hand selected tracks to get you fist-pumping (or John Wall’ing, if thats you thing).

The goods:

Deadmau5+ Wolfgang Gartner- Animal Rights (Highly recommended √++)

Diplo+ Don Diablo- Make You Pop (Seen in the new Blackberry commercial)

One More Day ft. Mike Lord- Boemklatsch (√++)

Take Over Control (Adam F Remix)- Afrojack

Enjoy friends!