Umbrella immerses user in a veil of sound

Artist experiments with the design of the personal sound system

Gotta love artists – always taking what we thought we once knew and blowing it up and creating something entirely new and different. Take for instance, the personal sound system. You think you know what it is:


Then BAM – an artist like Dmitry Morozov comes around and creates something completely new. Called “Anywhere”, what you see below is an ordinary umbrella, stripped of its cloth, and outfitted with an Arduino Uno microcontroller, optical relays, and a micro SD wav player to create a system that literally immerses the user into a veil of sound.



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Glow in the dark paths could lead to nights of endless riding

Bikers and skaters rejoice — novel concept from UK-company starting to gain traction, could see actual implementation

While there are a lot of things to be happy about this time of year — Halloween candy, Pumpkin beer, Football — one thing that sucks majorly is the shorter days. No sooner does one get home from work, changes into their exercise gear, grabs their handlebar mountable Bluetooth speaker and hops on to their bike for a quick ride down in the park, is it too dark out to see the paths.


Well, my fellow nighttime riders and skaters, it’s time to rejoice — it appears as though UK-based company ProTeq has created a solution to this headache: glow-in-the-dark pathways.


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Innovation Starts with Adventure


Nothing is every “invented” from the chair in a cubicle. Ideas come from exploration and a culmination of unique insights. Jack Dorsey came up with the concepts of Twitter through the culmination of thoughts gathered around transportation communication. At an early age, he was fascinated with trains and maps. He took note of the way people talked on CB radios. They spoke in bursts and they were always talking about what they were doing and where they were going. Dorsey changed the world by making communication through 140 characters a norm. It’s helped revolutionaries get their message out. It’s also been the pitfall of several celebrities and politicians that got a little too tweet happy… and this gives us entertainment.

The Boombot was conceived on a bike commute and ultimately unleashed to the world for use in a number of activities. This week’s mailer is all about what we’re doing to enhance the future of your next adventure. This is the innovation edition.

 The R&D of Today

This week we got our first pilot run of handlebar mounts. We kept hitting the refresh button on our Fedex tracker. We were HOPING that we’d be really close to having a dialed finished product. Unfortunately, the mounts arrived and we were only 11% away from perfection. Last time we added a vibration dampening to our mount, but we found that the rubber dampener just didn’t sit snug in the unit. It also wasn’t quite thick enough. The teeth that hold the mount closed were also not thickened to our specifications.

Bike Speaker

The photo above shows a beefed up version we cut by hand with thicker rubber. Clearly, it’s cut by hand because it looks awful. The reality with prototyping is that getting it to work well is far more important than making it look sexy. We also found that the unit was clicking a bit during vibration from the top. This was caused by the spring on the clip flopping the unit up and down. We realized we needed to add a second rubber dampener. This mount now has THREE rubber dampening areas: around the bars, inside the mount and on top. We took this newly hacked model for a ride and it rode like a champion. Curb, speedbump, cliff, drop, whatever you threw at this thing, the Boombot not only stayed in place, it didn’t even so much as rattle. We got back to the lab and quickly spec’d out our revisions and sent them back to the factory. We’re still shooting for October delivery.


This week, it occurred to us that almost everyone in the portable speaker market has been using a compromised design in speaker mounting. Most smaller portable speakers are glued into place which makes them a little less resilient to impact. We also found that the inconsistent mounting technique also limits speakers from reaching their full acoustic potential.

Speaker Technology

We came up with a design that would change the way our speakers are mounted in the future using a concentric ring that screws the speakers into place and seals them with significantly more pressure than ever. The design was part inspired by disassembling larger speakers to see how higher power devices were maintaining structural integrity. Much can be learned from tinkering.


Every time our fans post on Swagonomics, we see our product used in different ways. Our Swagonomics feed isn’t just another way to hook up our most hardcore fans. This is a place where we can compile data about our product used. We then hit the drawing boards to develop our gear to be even more optimized for the lifestyle of our community. This week’s most innovative feature photos from left to right, top to bottom include: Peterbakeris, Whatrick, Estiloskateboards, Fleofficiel, indigo_nico

Best Portable Speaker


As you can see, innovation is a very fulfilling and fun. It’s even more fun to do as a team. We are building a ton of stuff for 2014 and we’d like you to start thinking about what you want to seen in the next generation of Boombots. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you want. You’re not going to know unless you get out there and push our gear to the limits. So get after it!

Water bottle provides drinkable sea water

Nifty device provides easy hydration

If you own one of our Bluetooth, portable speakers, or have otherwise read a description about them, then you know that we encourage you to take them everywhere. Biking, hiking, beaching, wherever you go, our speakers make awesome companions.

The problem with all of these activities is that, more often than not, they require being outdoors for an extended period of time, which means you need to find a way to stay hydrated for a few hours.

Now, you could go the water bottle route, but depending upon how long you’re going to be out, this could actually be a bit inconvenient, what with the added weight and the fact that you’re carrying around empty bottles around with you for some of the day.

Another alternative is this nifty little device I came across on the interwebs called the Puri – a bottle that lets you drink water directly from the sea.

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Have a complaint? Tell it to this gigantic ear!

Odd concept piece proves surprisingly popular among locals

Look – we love all things audio. Speakers, headphones, music – if it goes in the ear, it’s got a place in our heart.

But this story here, well, we’re not sure what to make of it exactly, and whether or not this constitutes audio awesomeness or bat-shit bizarre.

What you’re looking at above is a gigantic sculpture shaped like an ear. It’s in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s not the only one – the ear you see above is actually part of a series placed all throughout the city.

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