Classical Music Pills Being Prescribed to Cure Illnesses

Unique marketing campaign out of Japan

Music has the ability to soothe most ailments. Have a rough day? Throw on some rock. Need to relax. Play some jazz. Want to get pumped up? Turn up the dance music.


One genre that does not get a lot of playtime, however, is classical music. While considered a higher form of music, this particular style hardly gets any playtime nowadays. The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra is hoping to change this, though, with a nifty new campaign that turns classical music into a form of alternative medicine.


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Hobbyist creates laser cutter that can make playable music records out of wood

Tech-savvy hobbyist uses modern-day technology to deliver new form of playback

It seems like the creative world has a thing for music records of late. Just a few weeks ago, we covered a story on designers who created an interchangeable, color-wheel based music record, and a few days ago, a post went up about Third Man Records releasing their limited edition, precious metal-based Gatsby soundtrack LPs.

Gatsby limited edition records

This week’s story comes from Instructables, where employee Amanda Ghassaei has reported her development of a laser cutter that carves grooves and tiny bumps into all sorts of materials, including paper, acrylic, and even wood, for the purpose of making music records.

wooden records amanda ghassaei
Wooden grooves and bumps

Laser cut wooden record

Rather than try and re-word what she’s done, here’s how she described the project, verbatim from her site:

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Just in time for summer, skateboard that converts into surfboard in seconds

New Kickstarter project is genius idea for beach bound boarders everywhere

How could you not love an awesome idea like this? Called the “Waveskate”, this skateboard is totally amphibious, as it can convert to a surfboard in a matter of seconds.


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Record company releases limited edition Gatsby records made of precious metals

Disks are pretty sweet looking, will cost you a couple hundred bucks

For whatever reason, Third Man Records is releasing not only a limited edition gold record of the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby, they’re releasing a PLATINUM set too.

Gatsby records

The soundtrack itself is awesome — it was produced by Jay Z and features the likes of Andre 3000, Florence + The Machine, Jack White, and many more big name artists. And there’s no denying the fact that these precious metal disks are pretty dope looking — each one is assembled by hand and comes packaged in a laser-cut birch wood LP jacket which, oh by the way, is riveted to aluminum spines.

Gatsby record frontside

Gatsby record backside

But doesn’t this all seem like an exorbitant waste of moola? In a release promoting these promotional materials, the company wrote:

All of these elements (gold, platinum, aluminum, wood and brass) showcase the Art Deco-meets-modern style, classic meets cutting edge, which is the essence of The Great Gatsby film and Third Man Records.

Part of me is shaking my head and yet, another part of me is reaching for my wallet.

If you’re a fan of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, were really taken Baz Luhrmann’s silver screen adaptation, or otherwise are a collector of anything and everything remotely related to Leonardo DiCaprio, then you can head over to the Third Man Records website and complete your pre-order for the record set today.

The cost: $250.

Don’t have that much coin to burn but want to learn more about how they were able to do this? Check out the creation process below:

iPhone 5 case protects phone, includes hand crank to power battery up in emergencies

A little manual labor is all it takes to extend battery life

iPhone 5 Gridcase Reactor

If you’re not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease and some manual labor, then you’ll love the Gridcase Reactor — it’s a new iPhone 5 case that’s looking to get some funds via crowd funding site and is definitely worth checking out because the case not only protects the phone but also features an internal 400mAh battery and crank-powered 500mAh generator that allows the user to power their phone before it completely fades out (longest sentence everrr).

Gridcase Reactor for smartphone

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