Get inspired this morning with an amazing clip of Aaron Fotheringham tearing up skate parks in his wheelchair

Handicap doesn’t hold Fotheringham back from performing tricks most can’t do on their skateboards

Need a quick cup of morning inspiration? Check out this three-minute clip of Aaron Fotheringham, AKA “Wheelz” performing a series of ridonkulous tricks in his customized wheelchair at all different skate parks.


Wheelz has been in a wheelchair since the age of 8, and as you can tell by the video, in which he’s trying out the chair for Devin Super Tramp, he hasn’t let his handicap slow him down one bit.

Every time he doesn’t stick a trick or has a major-ass wipeout, he’s back up and at it in the next segment, trying something even more crazy.

So, here you go—make sure to stick around for the middle of the video when the dude does a friggen backflip.

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