Boombot REX Package Design

When we started designing the package for the Boombot REX, we wanted to design something truly unique. We were inspired by the precise fit of Apple products, but we still wanted a construction that was entirely our own. We envisioned a package that had mystique while also being able to merchandise the product adequately.

The die-line of this package is absolutely madness. It took a lot of engineering to get something that had the function and structure we were looking for. By nature, a hexagon shaped box is a bit out of the ordinary.  Then, make a two-part hexagon box with a window and magnetic enclosure and you have madness.  You are going to really enjoy using your Boombot REX, but not before enjoying the airtight vacuum suction of our package design. We hope you have a fantastic unboxing experience.

The other unique features of the Boombot REX package is that it has a magnetic front flap.  This allowed us to showcase the raw industrial design sketch graphic with some mystique while still allowing customers to see the product windowed and know exactly what they are getting.  The packaging incorporates acoustic sound foam to protect the unit during transport.  Each box has raised/embossed lettering to give it that precious feel.  As you can see, we LOVE packaging.  We were happy that we took a risk in doing something out of the ordinary.  It’s not enough to just have a box.  Below is a pic of our most recent shipment leaving China and en route for our studios this week.  Look at those fine speakers in all their glory.

Don't mind that silver grill on the black unit...that will be black in production.  Promise.

Don’t mind that silver grill on the black unit…that will be black in production. Promise.

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Stay tuned this week as we put together our first Siri demo of the REX.


Packaging Design that makes you CRAVE

Aiaiai headphone package design

Anytime you buy a great product, there are a lot of influences that sway you to make an investment.  At any given time, you have a wide selection of products to choose from, and without having had the experience to try out every single one, you are naturally going to be initially drawn towards superficial elements like product packaging.  Price and specifications are going to be secondary, but the thing that will make a consumer pick a product up off the shelf is going to be the package.  In this article, we are going to focus on the TMA-1 Headphone package by a Denmark based firm called Aiaiai.
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