Optimizing your Android with Boombotix Portable Speakers using Player Pro DSP pack

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your Boombot on your Android, there’s a little bit of audio software that can help.  Player Pro is a music player software available on the Android Market for $4.99.  It features a sleek, well organized interface, although it has been a little bit buggy with some of the podcasts we’ve used with it.  The Player Pro App by itself has some EQ controls, but if you really want to get your portable speaker to maximum volume, download the free DSP Pack

The screenshot below shows you a shot of the EQ menu once you download the DSP Pack plugin.  The bar on top is the Preamp which is basically a secondary volume controller that can maximize the output volume of your device going to your speakers or headphones if you so choose.  Be careful not to drive too much bass to your speakers when doing this as it may cause clipping and distortion.  If you maximize the Preamp, you may want to trim off some of the bass using the equalizer adjustments or the knob bass adjustment at the right of the screen.