Our friends over at GottaDanceDirty just posted a mix put together by an extremely sexy DJ based out of Los Angeles going by Shae B.   Jonah commented on her work as being, “perfect for late nights, early mornings, and the afterparty, this mix features pure gold in music selection and mixing.”  Shae B. incorporates elements of deep house, garage, with a touch of samba.  Its no surprise that Shae B. is found spinning turntables as swanky venues like the Playboy Mansion.  Apparently even the DJs are extremely attractive at the Mansion.shae b. ::: stripped down pt. 1 by shae b.

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“The Pulse” by Digitalism

If you’re one of those people that can spend over an hour just gazing at an iTunes Visualizer screen, then you’re probably going to like this video. Beyond just the crazy computer graphics, you will also get to listen to a kick ass song by Digitalism called “the Pulse”. Digitalism is an awesome Alternative-Electro group that makes super upbeat songs that inspire you to dance, trick out, and throw down.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the Digitalism website and nab the free Kitsune Download.