Upgrade Your Speaker, and be Happier

Interested in a no-strings-attached relationship? Your favorite portable speaker company has made it ohhh so easy for you! If you trade in your old Boombot1 you automatically receive $25 credit towards a Boombot2. Take advantage of this new upgrade program and go WIRELESS.  It doesn’t matter if your Boombot1 is dirty, missing an eye, or just plain ratchet, trade it in for a newer and better version no matter the condition!

To redeem your $25 credit, submit an exchange request on our exchange page and send in your old unit whether it is working or not.  We will recycle your old Boombot1 to artists to paint and create on, so you can be-one-with-the-artist while getting hooked up. Our Boombot2 collection features Bluetooth technology for wireless playback with all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The unit can also be daisy chained to external speakers or addition units for stereo sound.

Photo [&street] cred: Saradishyphy, swagonomics.boombotix.com

Don’t forget to peek our newest limited edition Boombot. The Topography Edition Boombot2 incorporates a variety of elevation map profiles making each unit completely unique. This design was dreamt up by our CEO while he was surfing in Bali, exploring the wonders of Gaudi in Barca, and enjoying the beauty of Tahoe as he thought to himself, “I hope my customers are making the most of their day.” This limited edition is meant for you and your life in motion, so swoop one up before everyone else does!

Who’s Your Daddy? Father’s Day Boombot Sale!

Fathers Day meme

You Mofuggin’ Sunnuva Birch, it’s almost Father’s Day! What’s better than the gift of sound? Slappin’ beats to drown out the kiddies’ complaints and wifey’s nagging. It’s cheap (tough economic times), portable (as everything should be), and durable (to withstand the wear and tear of fatherhood).

Show him you care, with a Boombot! Don’t stress, it’s the best ultra portable speaker in it’s price range and to satisfy your wallet, Boombotix is giving you 20% off until Father’s Day (note to self: June 17, 2012).

So what can you and your pops do with this Boombot? The question is, what can’t you do? You can go on a glorious bike ride bumpin’ his favorite tunes. You can hike, fish, skip, hop, BBQ, have deep and meaningful conversations with The Temptations singing sugary sweetness in the background. Anything! Add more to your “Dad Time” with a soundtrack.

Use discount code: fathers2012